Saturday, July 12, 2008

Books for Bikes

My boys participated in a program this spring called Books for Bikes. It was hosted by the Masons & Eastern Star Lodge in a town about an hour away. I know the mom who put it together through homeschooling circles. The neat thing was it was done for just homeschooling kids.

The premise was for kids to read books or do "bonuses" (i.e. read in libraries, nursing homes, etc.). For each book they read or bonus they did, they got an entry in to a drawing for a brand new bike. They did four age groups & had drawings for both a boy & a girl bike in each.

The day of the drawing was fun. They had a Shriners clown there - Yah-Hoo - who handed out signed photo cards as well as made a bunch of balloon animals for the kids. They played games as well. My boys had a great time.

Each child did receive a new bike helmet which was great. They also got little goody bags with some free gift certs to area businesses (Subway, McDonald's & movie rentals) as well as a large water bottle.

None of my boys won a bike. They were pretty disappointed. The little boy who won in N's age group read over 100 books! N did win a $10 gift certificate to a bike shop. However, it's in a town over two hours away so it may be a bit before he gets to use it. ;-)

After we finished up, we headed to my parents house. I did senior photos for my nieces. I also found out they were haying. They don't cut their own anymore. What they do is pick it up right off the field & get it for 1/2 the price of what most people charge otherwise. However, we have to go pick it up whenever they get the call that it's ready which sometimes means a scramble to find help.

My sister went up on Monday & helped pick it up in the field. My BIL got there in time to help unload the trailer. That day they were able to get just over 100 bales. When I got there on Saturday we did a quick photo shoot & then headed over. I helped stack them on the trailer. Phew - I haven't done this in YEARS! We got 130 bales the first trip but the old trailer almost didn't make it home! My BIL & my niece's boyfriend tossed the bales & my niece & I stacked. After we unloaded that we headed back over & got another 111 (which cleaned out the field). I found out I wasn't as out of shape as I had thought, but my arms have quite the "hay rash" on them still! ;-)

All in all it was a fun day.


  1. That's so neat, Lisa. My dad was a Shriner's clown when we were growing up. We spent the summers going to at least one parade a weekend when the little communities around us had their homecomings. It was a fun time.

  2. Books for bikes sounds interesting. What a great idea to give away helmets!

  3. Sounds like a great reading program!


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