Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life at the Lake

The two older boys are taking swimming lessons this week & next. So far so good although B is not really thrilled about the whole thing. He doesn't enjoy water & doesn't like putting his face in so he's a bit stymied right now but I'm praying he has a break through soon & realizes that it's all okay and safe and no one is "out to get him." That sort of thing. ;-)

This year they opened up classes to more area towns. They have a lot more instructors as well, but this time slot seems to have way more instructors & aides than there are kids! I know that the beginner class, where my two boys are, has at least one instructor & four aides & there are only five kids in the class. I love those numbers.

There was a flock of ducks hanging around the beach today. They swam off quickly once the kids arrived. I was a bit surprised though as my boys have the third lesson slot of the day so there were lots of kids here before. Two of the ducks did hang around & were eating off the bottom close to shore, coming up on shore, & staying rather close around the area - hoping for a hand out I think.

You can see how close the ducks were to the kids in the classes in this photo. My two older boys are the ones in the swim caps in the distance. They don't like water in the ears & it's a great way to quickly & easily pick them out of the crowd.

Unfortunately for me & J, they don't start lessons at the lake until they are six years old. I was sort of hoping to sneak him in under the radar this year, but they upped the age. Last year they started at age five. I think he will do well. I did talk with one of the instructors who does the beginners & she seemed to think next year would be okay for him to start so I'm going to try it & see how he does.

For now he comes with me with his trusty orange scoop & has a ball building "castles" (click here to see a photo of one) & playing in the water close to shore. After all, there is lots of mud there!


  1. Swimming lessons are such fun and a necessity for the kids. I'm surprised that Jack can't participate. This year Jenny went through the local city program and they start at 3, so Kassie got to enjoy some time in the water too. Both of the girls went for six weeks and what a difference it makes. Keep them going and they will soon learn what fun a cool dip in the lake can be.

  2. I remember you mentioning the swim lessons at the lake. The water must be fairly warm. Our little one just took off swimming in the last few weeks!

  3. Tristan, my youngest has his last swim lesson of the two weeks tomorrow. They do have a water babies class now for under 5 year olds, I think it just started last year before that they had to be 5 or 6 years old to start lessons.


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