Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Photos

With all the great back-to-school sales, I always stock up on supplies for the upcoming school year here. This year I bought some pencil boxes and stocked them with supplies for each boy. I even put labels on with my new label maker. My MIL is great and gets each of the boys a magazine subscription. J's is to the Disney magazine. It's great. There are things for him to do in each issue. He asked to color so I got out his box. He was THRILLED to sit and have his OWN scissors! He even had to run & show them to N who was playing in their room. He sat and cut and colored quite happily for quite some time.

B is being paid to help me out with the girls. This is also good babysitting experience. He tells me he wants to learn how to babysit. He just plays with them (under my supervision) at this point. Today I set them up on the couch and had him read to them. The girls had a great time and N had to jump in to the photo op too.

L loves these little Pooh Bear books. I have five of them and she will generally carry at least two around at all times. Yesterday she had to have one when she was laid down for her nap. Every time I tried to take it she would fuss so I finally just let her have it. She did fall asleep & I moved it after this photo.

No words needed - Elvis lives! ::grin::

It looks like she's saying "cheese" but she's just smiling for me. Such a good girl!

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  1. Love all the picturs of the kids. The little girls are adorable. I'm sure you must be having a lot of fun.


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