Friday, August 15, 2008

Women of Faith - Part 3

The first two photos here didn't really fit with another category but I wanted to share anyway.

This photo was taken on Friday at the pre-conference. Again, all photos in these posts are courtesy of my wonderful sister who has a MUCH better digital camera than I do!!! ;-) Friday's pre-conference was general admission seating. THIS is how high we were & how far away we were. You can also see the draping behind the stage. On Saturday that was gone & the entire stadium seating that you can see behind that which is empty was FULL of women. In fact, there were a number of women way up in the balcony as well. Thank goodness they had the big megatron monitors. ;-)
Here we all are at Friday lunch. A lady in front of us was nice enough to take our photo. I'm on the left in white, my sister is in the middle & our great friend Tammy is on the end. We had SUCH a great time together at this conference & can't wait to go back next year.

Patsy Clairmont spoke both Friday & Saturday. Wow does this lady have some energy!!! She's just a little powerhouse. Her talks were very good. So good I actually bought her book. She has great comedic timing & we always laughed during her talks. I found a short video on YouTube that has Patsy plugging the very book I bought. I have yet to really delve in to it, but it's definitely on my to do list. Once I do, I'll be sure to post a review.

I'm going to just admit right now that Patsy, Anita & Nicole Johnson plus the singing were my absolutely very bits of the whole conference. However, that's not to say I didn't enjoy the rest, but I may not have as much to say! ;-)

Marilyn Meberg was another great speaker. Again, all of the speakers did a great job of mixing comedy with truth & it made for very enjoyable listening.

Steve Arterburn is the founder of the Women of Faith tours. He spoke on Friday night & was also very good. After seeing so many women up on that stage though it was a bit odd! LOL

Sheila Walsh was another speaker on Friday night & Saturday for the main conference. Again very good. She did a funny talk when her son "broke in" to give her a message (via video). Very cute. She is also an excellent singer.

Louise Duart was the last speaker on Saturday. What a funny lady!!! She's a fantastic impressionist. She did a Cher impression that was priceless but I think my favorite was when she did Milton Berle! Really, really funny! She also does a fantastic impression of Carol Burnett. In fact, she shared with us how she had done one that Carol Burnett herself was able to view & she was able to meet her in person. Here's a cute & short clip from YouTube for a quick little laugh.

She also talked about her first marriage which broke up after her husband had an affair & asked for a divorce. She has since remarried & her & her new husband have written a book called Couples Who Pray & they challenge couples to pray for 40 days for five minutes a day. Below is the link plus an interview they did on the 700 club. Check it out. It's really good.

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  1. Great post and what an inspirational time it must have been. It is so refreshing to be around other people, with similar beliefs, all getting spiritually charged.

    My only question - how long was the wait to go to the bathroom? :-)


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