Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homeschool PE Class

I'm trying hard to incorporate "PE" in to our homeschooling year this year. My boys aren't slugs & they do actively play outside just about every day. Did you catch that? "Just about" every day. So there are days & probably too many of them, where they don't go outside and play at all. Sometimes it's due to weather, but a lot of times it's due to my lack of attention to details. So, this year PE is on the schedule.

My goal is to start school no later than 8am. This is working on most days. This gives us time to get Bible, math, & language arts done by 9am for the most part. Then at 9am we break for PE. Right now it's just a simple walk. We typically are gone for an hour & we go two miles.

Today I thought to take photos. Of course, it started due to the little boys attire.....
Fall has come to Maine so what does the discerning little boys wear while outside? Crocs - with no socks. Shorts. T-shirts with sweatshirts over them - to keep warm of course & because Mom made them (didn't realize they had shorts on until they got outside - oops!) and, to top it off, a winter hat. ;-)
The babies enjoy the walk as well. They each get a sippy cup full of milk & have a lot of fun riding along.
Here's the whole crew

Of course, the PE walk also benefits me. Thankfully we live on a very quiet road. In fact, if more than 1-2 cars go by we call it "a busy day!" ;-) So I can do my lunges while walking & even do some interval training with some minor jogging. The babies love going fast & I like the fun workout. The only thing I don't like is the walk back home - uphill. However, my goal is to make it all the way up our driveway (a quarter mile walk uphill) without stopping while pushing the babies. ;-) So far I've been stopping 2-3 times. ::sigh::


  1. I wish we lived closer. I could go walking with you. I have tried taking my kids walking but it's so much of "stop that!", "don't go too far." or "ADAM!! Come back!!" that it doesn't go well for us..

    Hey I have a BUNCH of preschool books, would you like 'em? I'll post a picture to you and if you want them, they're yours.

  2. Sounds like fun! Good luck with your goal. :)


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