Thursday, September 18, 2008

Insult to Injury

Well, the day finally arrived. Last night I removed my last insulin pod that goes with my insulin pump & started on shots. Joy. This is what I was using....

I was really afraid I was going to have to go back to syringes & vials of insulin.

Eons ago when I was first diagnosed (2002 probably) my doc gave me some insulin pens to try out. I liked them. It's easy to use. You just "dial up" your insulin, attach a disposable needle to the pen, and inject. However, my insurance company at the time - different one than I have now - deemed it a "convenience item" & wouldn't pay for it. I'm not joking. Like diabetes is an illness one would actually CHOSE to have and like the way I live my life contributed to me getting Type 1 diabetes (i.e. my body does NOT make islet cells which is what makes insulin in my body unlike Type 2 diabetics who do still have insulin but their body does not use it correctly). Needless to say, I figured my current insurance company may try the same thing. Happily, they didn't.

So last night I started using my pens. I have two. Because now that I am off a pump, I have to use a long-acting insulin called Lantus. (Lantus doesn't peak & acts like a pancreas of sorts so I always have a low level of insulin in my body. On a pump this is called a "basal rate." I used to have four. Now I have one constant one that never changes. Should I share my new fasting sugars? I have what's called "dawn phenomenon" which is common in diabetics. I used to account for this with a higher basal rate around 3am.) I also have a pen for Humalog which is my fast-acting insulin that I take before meals. This didn't change, just the method of giving it to myself.

So why "insult to injury?" Omni-Pod called me today to let me know I was up for an auto-ship of supplies. Did I want them? Well, let's see? I have to say I didn't shriek at them like I wanted to but I was shaking just a bit after from holding myself back. I told the lady I spoke with that "No, I don't want them. Your company changed it's policy & now won't work with my insurance company. I can no longer use the Omni-Pod." To which she so helpfully replied, "I'm sorry." Well, yeah, I'm sorry too because I literally cried last night giving myself a shot. I hate shots. I'd rather stick my finger 20 times a day then give myself a shot. It sucks. But life goes on & I'll get used to it & hopefully have the money saved soon to buy myself a new pump - from a DIFFERENT company.


  1. Lisa, I am so sorry that you have had this setback, but I'm sure it is just a setback and you will work out something with another company to get another pump.

    I really can not imagine how difficult it must be. Praying!

  2. I'm sorry! Life is such a kick in the pants sometimes isn't it?? I hope that you are able to go back to the pump soon. I feel your pain, as I hate shots too! :)

  3. I'm so sorry, Lisa. I can't even imagine how awful that must be.

  4. Lisa, I'm so so sorry. This made me cry to read. I am praying that something will work out with another pump or another company or something.


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