Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Good School Day (+Tot Time)

J is thoroughly enjoying doing school this year with me. We are working on writing skills & doing some preschool things. He enjoys his little workbooks & willing sits with me for a bit to work. I had been doing his school first & then having the older boys do their school. However, lately I've had him sit at the table with us & it's working so we'll keep trying it that way. Above he is working on his writing readiness workbook which is a lot of tracing but he likes it.

I discovered that Miss L loves to color. She gets very excited when she sees crayons or a coloring book. I let her try it one day but she kept eating the crayon - literally! I mentioned it to her mom who said that twist up crayons minimize the eating. I happen to have a bunch of little packs of those that I picked up for $1 each so I tried that with a page torn out of the coloring book. She's doing much better with this & will keep up with it for quite some time. She does try to take the crayons apart but can't do much since there is only a bit showing. That is until she figures out how to twist them.

Here's N working on copying his AWANA verse. I have him say his verse and write it out each day. He's doing very well with this. It also acts as copywork.

Miss H was so funny on this day. I gave her an empty margarine container and a regular spoon. She sat there for a good 15 minutes and "ate" - feeding herself her imaginary food. And apparently it was very good as she made sure to get all the bits off the spoon that were there. ::grin::

Overall it was a good school day.

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  1. I'm glad that school is working out well for you this year. :)


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