Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Tired

Today was "bed moving day." I had promised the little boys that once J was potty trained, I would redo their room for them. It has a Winnie-the-Pooh theme but these are train loving boys - specifically Thomas train loving boys. N was only 3 when we moved in here & J wasn't even one. I already had all the Pooh stuff so that's what they ended up with. Now is was time to change.

I had hoped to have a loft bed built for B at the same time but that didn't happen. We have bunk beds as B & N slept in them when J arrived. However, when we moved here we split them up & N slept in one in his room & B in the other in his room. I wanted to put them back together for N & J. So that's what we did today.

However, first I had to remove the Pooh border from the little boys room & put up the Thomas one I had bought extremely cheap inexpensively at an on-line store going out of business. It was a self-stick one (i.e. like a big sticker) but I still used wallpaper paste on it. I'm hoping the boys can't move it at all!

It sounds easy right...

  • remove Pooh border
  • put up Thomas border
  • take down B's bed
  • put bunks together
  • set up B's new bed
  • All done

Yeah, well, I really should have taken BEFORE photos. I had the two little boys working most of the morning cleaning up their room. THEY certainly thought it was clean. I didn't. I had to move everything away from the walls. They tired out so I took over cleaning. Let's just say they'll have a few less toys to have to put away.

I got the old border done very easily actually & the new one up even faster. All of this was done with N's help. He was a huge help to me today. J was put down for a nap when he started spotting tears faster than words. It was a late nap & he was still awake thirty minutes ago (at almost an hour past his bedtime) but I didn't have to listen to the cranky four year old either.

Then came time to move the beds. I headed in to B's room.! I should say that I try very hard NOT to go in to B's room as my blood pressure always elevates. I want to say this publicly right now though..."Mom, I am SO sorry for the state of my room growing up. I don't know how you ignored it like you did." Anyway, I gave him a chance to clean it himself. He declined. All righty then - in I went with a large trash bag. I just scooped up handfuls of whatever was on the floor (yup, including all the nice Legos) & in they went. Thankfully for B my MIL showed up & took the trash bag home & was going to sort through it all to pull out the Legos. Although, I'm really hoping she brings them in to work & gives them away there. She works for a boarding school for troubled kids. Most do not have a lot of toys. This might be a good lesson for B as well.

I'm glad I decided to do this while hubby was here. I had originally thought to do it while he was gone to hunting camp for ten days later in the month. He had to help me take apart the rails on the beds as they were in there very tightly. Then he cut new slats for B's bed as I didn't have any for it. Finally he put together a nice safety rail for the top bunk. Oh & he did help put the bunks together.

Here are photos of the finished rooms...

This is B's room. All nice & cleaned. I should say that we ended up getting him a mattress from Wal-Mart. What, Wal-Mart doesn't sell mattresses where you live? Try the camping aisle. ;-) Yup, we bought him an cheap inexpensive air mattress. It will work for now until we can get him a real mattress. He's loving it though.

This is little boys room. The bunks are all set up & made. Safety rail in place. Stuffies on the beds. All set for bedtime!

The dressers are in the corner of the other side. They now have a ton of floor space to build tracks on. They are very excited about the morning when they can get messy again.

This is the border I got them.

Two very excited & happy boys in their new beds!

Check out that grin!!!!

And B all snuggled in to his new bed.

This is what I spent my afternoon doing. This morning I made three fleece no-sew blankets for Brady's Smile. I have about eight more to make. Although, I do have a friend who just had a baby & plan to give both her daughters a blanket and I may keep one to give to my nephew for Christmas. That leaves nine I can send off to Brady's Smile hopefully on Tuesday.

So, I'm tired & heading to bed very soon!


  1. Now that's busy! I'm not looking forward to when I have to move Sophia into the littles room. It'll be much the

  2. Ohh, I wanted to say that it looks GREAT also! Good job!

  3. WAY TO GO. I'm impressed that you finished it all up in one day. A project like that would have taken me a WEEK (LOL).

  4. That looks good! I so now how you felt with that trash bag...been there done that a few times with Hunter! I hope that the boys liked their new room!


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