Friday, October 10, 2008

A New Recipe

I have started reading a lot of new blogs. One is called Rocks in My Dryer. It has a lot of fun little things on there. A few weeks ago she posted a recipe that they call BBQ Cupcakes. It sounded very yummy & had things I thought all my kiddos might possible even EAT (which is HUGE around here). I decided to give them a go.

I have one pan of muffin tins that are over sized (think bakery sized) plus a dozen tin of regular sized plus a six pack. I made some of the extra-large ones for my hubby & I & the rest for the kiddos.

We tried to different varieties the first go - one was the BBQ style as in the above recipe & the second was the pizza variation. I have to admit that I love the pizza one as do two out of my three kiddos. My older son ate a bit of biscuit the first time. The second time I made them I took pity & just cooked him two biscuits which he ate with honey on them.

My hubby took leftovers to work after the first baking & it was a hit there as well. But he didn't like the name. So they all brainstormed & hubby dubbed them "potholes." If you live in Maine, you will understand why this makes sense.

They also all brainstormed different fillings. So I made these again on Friday night instead of our usual homemade pizza - per hubby's request.

I did the pizza filling since I knew two out of three kids would at least eat them that way. ;-) I also decided to do a shepherd's pie mix. I cooked up two potatoes, mashed them. Then cooked up some peas & corn & added them to the mashed potatoes. My hubby did tell me that this was good but next time I had to add cheese. Silly me - how could I forget the cheese??

This is what was left over after dinner on Friday night......


  1. Jenny has made these several times and every time they are a hit. Love the name potholes though - different but catchy. We haven't tried the pizza variation but will - of course we do like our homemade pizza night though.

  2. Potholes is a good name - I SO know what you mean! Frost Heaves would be another good name, but the heave part would probably put people off, lol! These sound good...though the picky eaters in MY house wouldn't eat them at all, no matter WHAT the filling....


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