Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Little Hike

I decided to step out of my norm today. My youngest is away for the weekend with Grammie having a fabulous time the last I heard. My hubby was gone for the day on Saturday so that left me with the two oldest boys.

This morning N had a soccer game. Let me just say that it was cold! Fall has definitely come to Maine but I keep feeling nips of winter in the air too. N had a great time even though his team lost. After that I had to go clean my hubby's Grandmother's house which I do every week.

Typically I would normally spend a Saturday afternoon home. Playing on the computer. Reading. Maybe some chores. Just relaxing and being lazy.

Today I decided to do something a bit different. It's all related to my lifestyle change I'm working on. So I decided to take the boys on a little hike. Nothing major but something to get us outside and moving.

I had planned to take them to hike in to see Moxie Falls. That is located about an hour north of us. We've been there a few times before & the last time I took all the boys we hiked in to see it during spring run-off through about two feet of snow. It was not as fun as it could have been. ;-) I always worry that they'll get too closes & fall & the steps built around the Falls were covered in ice. It was rather stressful for me. However, I thought we could manage if I could keep N from running too much. Hah!

Anyway, while chatting with a friend of mine this morning during soccer she told me about another waterfall that is much closer to our house (only about a 20-30 minute drive) that we have never been to before. I always love discovering new places.

It was an easy place to find and the trail very easy as well. It's mostly downhill to the falls & the falls were amazing. We had the place pretty much to ourselves as well. There was another family there while we were there but they had younger children so we did out pace them.

I took this photo from the stream actually. I stepped out on some rocks to get a good photo but half the falls are hidden behind trees. It was still beautiful. I love waterfalls.

This was a close-up of the falls as we climbed closer. We did take a trail up & over the top of this & followed it for quite a ways. B was starting to complain a bit. I finally gave in & turned around. I wasn't really sure how far the trail would go but it was so pretty.

This was a shot from further up. It was a fun hike actually. There was a lot of up & down even at the top of the falls. Getting back down to the main trail out was a bit tricky. We had climbed almost straight up over lots of roots and such & I didn't want to go back down that way.

I knew it was a good day while N was running back up hill(!!!) to the truck and said it had been a really fun day. Of course, I did comment on the fact that I would like just a smidgen of his energy. I was a bit out of breath after getting back to the trail head but I did well overall. Although, B did remind me that I was old! ;-) Got to love those preteens.

This tree was near the top of the trail. N stopped here on the way back out. He was totally reclined back on the tree. He said he wanted to come back just to hang out on this tree. It was comfy, so he says.

I made the boys pose for me off & on while we walked. I don't think I got one non-goofy smile from B. He just indulges his mom's love of photos these days.

Overall it was a really good. We started out at soccer, went to Grandma's (where they both helped me clean) and then off on the hike. I even managed to get in a short nap this afternoon. A good day.


  1. That looks like fun! I love waterfalls, too. Sadly I do not live in waterfall country! Something about a bayou or swamp just doesn't give a person the same feelings as the sound of a waterfall! :)

  2. I'm jealous! Looks like tons of fun. Fall is settling in here along with winter. Today was so beautiful. 80 but with a slight breeze to add a nice coolness to the air. It was wonderful. Although the girls mention they were cold a few times! What the heck!!! :)

  3. Good job on finding something out of the ordinary to do.. a great step toward changing up your life!

  4. What a great place for a hike!

  5. Breathtaking location for a hike! Gorgeous photos.


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