Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Quick Photo Shoot

I told my boys they couldn't have supper until they came outside with me to have their photos done. I know, it's torture around here some times. I bought them all matching brown thermal shirts a couple weeks ago knowing that I wanted to do this in anticipation of our annual Christmas card. Although, B kept telling it was FAR too early to be doing this & if it was a Christmas card, why didn't we take it then? Okay then - get moving! I think that was my response.

We have a huge maple tree right outside our trailer. My boys love playing under it. Most of its leaves are now on the ground. Earlier in the day the boys had raked up a huge pile so I took advantage of that for my photos.

In birth order from youngest to oldest.....

I'm absolutely thrilled that J has my blue eyes.

N is just being silly. I did take almost a whole roll
with my film camera so I hope I have a more normal
smile on there somewhere. ;-)

And my oldest - who still allows me to dress him like his
brothers on occasions like this. I'm not sure how
much longer it will last. He's mere inches from being
taller than I - a fact he checks almost daily.


  1. So cute! I think they came out gorgeous, goofy smile and all. :)
    Miss you guys!

  2. I love the photos, they turned out really well. And what a cute idea.

  3. Lovely boys! I want to squeeze their cheeks!

  4. Great shots of the boys...and the leaves make me smile...fall leaves...ah.

    Yes, I'm catching up on a few you've been busy.

    You impress me with all you've done with the littles in your home.

    And one more big thank you for pointing me to homeschoolshare. LOL


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