Monday, November 24, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

top: goldfish crackers, PB&J sandwich
middle: red grapes
bottom: PB&J sandwich, sour cream & onion chips

When B was young I had read somewhere about offering food to your toddler in a muffin tin. Put a large variety of different items in & allow them to graze. It allows them to eat more & allows them choices. I always thought it a good idea, but I never did it.

In my blog reading over the past month or so I came across a blog that actually hosts a "Muffin Tin Monday" & I knew I had to try it with my guys - even though they are not toddlers anymore. I wanted to try it with at least N & J but I only have one muffin tin with six spots. I didn't want to do the 12 spot ones as I didn't want to have to think up that many variants.

I finally hit upon the above solution...muffin tin liners. Five of them fit on the plates I like to use for them. This is the 3rd time I've done this & they are really enjoying it. The best part...N is a very picky eater, but he is more willing to try new foods for me this way. In fact, one day I had apple slices & pears cut up in two different liners. He ate all the pears & didn't realize it was a fruit and best of all...he liked it! Yeah!

The Muffin Tin Monday photos are hosted over at Her Cup Overfloweth. Check it out for more ideas. Some weeks have themes - this week was "Favorite Foods" & some weeks (like next week) you can submit anything you'd like. Enjoy & bon appetit!


  1. creative solution! I am thinking I might do a week where everyone only uses liners!

    I think it looks so great! Well done and welcome to MTM!!

  2. What a fun, creative idea.


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