Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tot Time Fun

One of the suggestions some had given me for tot activities was to use an old spice container with toothpicks. It really works on hand/eye coordination. I finally got a little one & I have some blunt tipped toothpicks.

I showed Miss L how to do this today. To say she loved it might be an understatement! After a few minutes, she really had it down well & it was so fun watching her. She could pinch the little toothpicks between thumb & forefinger & get them just right in the little holes.

Miss L trying to get the toothpicks back out. Sometimes it worked & if it didn't either I or N would help her out.
I did end up cutting the cover off. The toothpicks were just a touch too big so that it didn't close correctly & I was afraid she'd break off little pieces. She didn't seem to mind when it was gone.
This is definitely a keeper. I may try it with Miss H but she is still only 15 months so some of these types of activities don't work as well. Aside from that, she still is putting everything in her mouth. Miss L will at least not do that if I tell her not to. At 18 months, she is developing at a rather fast pace lately. It's been a lot of fun to watch.

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  1. Everything in your mouth phase! UGH... I remember that oh so much. Heck, my girls are still in that stage! YUCK!


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