Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Goals: Scripture Memorization

As part of my 2009 Goals that I mentioned last week (click HERE to see them) I wanted to implement a daily devotional time. Today I'm adding to it.

I started reading The LPM Blog a few months ago. LPM stands for Living Proof Ministries & the blog is part of Beth Moore's ministry. Who is Beth Moore? Click HERE to read her bio.

This past Saturday she posted a challenge on The LPM Blog called Anybody Game? in which she challenges her readers (siestas) to mediate/memorize on two verses each month in 2009. That would give you 24 new verses in 2009 to help your through life's struggles and joys.

I kept that blog post & kept thinking on it & thinking on it. Today I signed up. This is something I've been sorely lacking in. I have some verses rolling around in my head from when I was a child. Verses that have stuck with me for many years but I can't remember the last time I added a new verse to my memory.

Don't sit there & say it all sounds good but you can't memorize - then mediate on it. Read it each day. Think on it. Ponder its meaning. Add it to your daily devotionals/Bible readings. As Nike loves to say - Just Do It!

Click HERE to go read the post & sign up at The LPM Blog. I don't think you'll regret it.


  1. I've been challenged this week to memorize too.....I'm doing the Psalms study by Beth Moore. Actually, we'll begin it as a group in January but I'm getting ahead so I can do the group justice even when Feb gets crazy. Beth asks us to do 2 verses a week from Ps 122....I usually skip those challenges...but I'm trying.

    This sounds like a great goal, Lisa.

  2. Wow Lisa!

    We are doing the same thing!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about it too!

    What verse(s) are you doing to start the year off?

    Hugs, Christa!


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