Tuesday, January 13, 2009

K'Nex Master

For Christmas my middle son received a huge K'Nex set from his uncle. I was a bit worried as it was for ages 9+ & said son is only seven, but he didn't let that deter him. I cautiously encouraged him as I didn't want to see him spend hours building it only to have it not work.

He worked on the project for a number of days over Christmas & then decided it was too hard & gave up. He pulled all the pieces down & we stored them away. I figured he'd use them to build other things but if he never got through the 100+ steps to build the project it was intended for, that was okay by me.

This past weekend I was gone from Saturday morning until Sunday night. I came home to find this....

Can you see how tall this thing is??? It's taller than its builder!!! While this doesn't match the photo on the box, it does work! N is pretty proud of his work (as am I which is one big reason I'm posting it here!). Didn't he do a great job, Uncle Richard???

I apologize for the side-ways view. This is my first time uploading a video. I have absolutely no clue how to fix this. If you do, please let me know! ;-) THANKS!


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  2. that is incredibly cool.
    I love seeing how kids' minds work!

    At our house, Adam LOVES K-Nex... but we have to put them away every few days because he becomes OBSESSED with them. He can't help it: engineering is genetic.

  3. Awesome Job "N"! That is so cool. I was thinking of getting Hunter some of those, but was worried he couldn't do it yet. I might have to rethink that for his birthday! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work "N"!

  4. Wow! Kailtyn walked in while I was watching the video and asked, "What's that?" I told her that is was something that he built and she replied, "WHOA, just how old is he? That is amazing!" Let me say we are all impressed!

  5. This is impressive! Wow. We've never had k-nex....but this looks like it was a lot of fun.

  6. Wow, it's so big! I bet that took some time to build. Good persistence!


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