Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Little Word: Projects

I decided to participate in the "One Little Word" project this year. The word I chose was "Family" in an effort to make that my focus this year.

I also decided that just having a word, while all well & fine, wasn't enough. I needed to make it stand out. I needed to make sure it was in front of me at all times - literally. So I did some projects.

The first was easy. Over the holiday season while reading blogs, I came across this....

I know that the blog I found it on was featured at One Pretty Thing but I couldn't find it to link here. The very nice lady who made up the above word art had folks e-mail her for the download. I requested it in brown & in red thinking I would use it but not sure what room I would want to put it in. Oh & I requested this weeks before decided that family would be my 2009 word. It came as a jpeg file & I just had to print it & frame it. I did have to cut it down a tad to fit in the frame & I have it on black card stock. It hangs above my computer desk & I see it every time I walk in to the living room.

This next project I did a few weeks ago & I love it. I've actually done this before but on a much larger scale.

The base of this project is a 9x12 canvas. I found them at the Christmas Tree Shoppe for a mere $1.29 so I picked up a bunch to have on hand for fun projects. I painted it purple (my favorite color) with acrylic paint. First I started out with magazines thinking I would cut out different things to add like a regular collage. That got old fast so then I started going through my stash of scrapbooking things to see what I could find to add to it.

I like how it came out. I had a lot of neat embellishments that actually had something to say about family. I did Modge-Podge the whole top - including all the chipboard elements. I also had some glitter Modge-Podge & I used that to highlight a few words... the "blessed" in "we are blessed," the big "family" in the middle, & the "family matters" in the bottom left.

I like how it turned out & it hangs near the other hanging in the living room. They are good visual reminders of what my focus needs to be this year.

I have one more project in the works & almost didn't post this until I did that one, but decided I'll just show it later - if at all. I'll be making a set of blocks that spells out "family" similar to what I gave my sister & friend, Tammy, for Christmas.

Did you pick a word for 2009? Feel free to share. I love hearing what others are doing.


  1. Looks wonderful! A beautiful focus for the year and great reminders! I would love to hear more of your ideas on how you are focusing on family this year. I guess without specifically defining it, that has been my focus as well.


  2. Those are so nice!
    Good Job.. Love the first one, and the second one is very nice, as it is something you designed.
    I have a few things similar to that, that I need to frame. :)

  3. Lisa, I've been meaning to ask you - if you had the photos and such on a canvas - would you put modge podge over it all? Will that damage the photos? I love the canvas things Krista made for the kids - but the vellum where she wrote their names and verses is curling......so I'm tempted to try this but wanted to be sure I understood before I ruined her gifts.

    I LOVE Your ideas here - and though family isn't my "word" for this year it IS always my focus - I may do this....I'll have to look at your blocks again....I may do that for this year....for my word.

  4. We did a few canvas projects at the scrapbook convention. I don't really have anywhere to put the projects so I haven't done many of them, but I sure like them.


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