Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve around here was pretty darn exciting I'll tell ya. I'm kidding. Although, a good time was had by all!

We ended up staying home (a last minute change) but it turned out well. I made homemade pizza which four out of the five us will eat. The fifth one (oldest ds) fends for himself. I know. It's pizza. He's a kid. I've tried. He makes a PB&J & he's happy.

Then we pulled out all the new (and one old) game & had a good round of "Family Game Night."

We started with a couple rounds of Apples to Apples Jr. which, if played with "juniors" can be sometimes not very challenging. They decided who was going to win before anyone debated anything. After a couple rounds we moved on.

The second game we played was the new Scrabble, Jr. This was a gift to the boys from Miss H & her family. It was a lot of fun! The easy kid version has the words already spelled out on the board. Each round you have to place two letters. You can only place at the beginning of a word to start a word & then each letter has to be placed in order (if you can place there). It gets interesting near the end as you search for that all elusive 'q.' But surprisingly enough it WAS a lot of fun to play this way & even our almost five year old could participate (with a bit of help in pointing towards where to place).

We actually did not play Cranium Cadoo tonight (which is VERY fun & I highly recommend it - it's very similar to the adults version). Instead we played LCR & used M&M's instead of chips. The boys loved this. Hubby & I not so much when we saw the boys manhandling those M&M's constantly so if we won - we let the boys eat the pot. LOL

Wait - you haven't heard of LCR? Oh - it's SO much fun and the best part...it teaches "left," & "right." Here are the basics...you have three dice. Each one has a dot, a L, a R, and a C on them (well more than one as they are six-sided dice). Everyone gets three chips to start (or three M&M's or whatever candy we have laying around). You roll all three dice. Then follow the directions. A dot means you keep your chip. Then obviously L means pass one chip to the player on the left, R for the player on the right, and C for the middle or "pot." You win by being the last one with chips in front of them. You get the whole pot. I was actually introduced to this when I went to NH for my SIL's baby shower. My aunt & cousins were playing this using quarters. ;-)

One of my goals for the New Year is to focus more on family time. We are implementing a new "Family Game Night" which will most likely fall on Fridays which is also "pizza night" around here. I'm looking forward to the fun of it all.


  1. we do Game Night at our House, too. We usually have to START by 6pm beacause the kids get soooo loud they wake people up!

    Have you tried Apples to Apples? We have both the grown up an dthe kids version and love it.

  2. Wow, it sounds like you had a fun night! I would love to get my hands on LCR. That sounds like a game you could do with any age group.

  3. What a great family night!!

    As I am typing this, my 9 year old is in the dining room with her 19 year old brother playing Blokus. ;) He got it for Christmas and pulled it out yesterday to play with a friend. I told him to leave it out and last night at dinner we were looking at it. My 9 year old had just done a lesson on area that morning and I was able to use the game pieces to test her understanding. :) I love when games work like that. We play lots of games, too!!

    Oh...we also got LCR for the 9 year old at Christmas, but we haven't played it, yet. This just reminded me!

  4. Great post. We love games but we find that we tend to get busy and not play them until the big kids are home...so this year we are going to try harder to incorporate more games.

    We have Friday "Movies and Pizza night" but I think we'll try for a couple of game nights in there too.....now that I say all that we HAVE played more games this past week - we've been deliberate so maybe we won't need a "night" set aside for a few weeks.

  5. YEA! Sounds like a very fun game night.


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