Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HSBA Swap Package

A few months ago I stumbled on something neat over at the The Homeschool Blog Post. It's a swap where they match you with another "sister" & you swap out gifts. The price limit is $5-$10 & creativity is encouraged (including sending on things you make, etc).

This is my second time participating & while it was a bit hectic around the holidays it was fun!

My package arrived in the mail on Monday & it was choke full of great stuff. This go round the nice gals at HSBA matched me with Lesley. We even found each other on Facebook so that has been fun.

Can you see all the neat things she sent me?

  • some super cute snowman post-its
  • a really cute pen
  • an adorable memo book (love all those swirlies!)
  • a really fantastic photo frame. It has a clear border that says "memories" on it.
  • a great kitchen towel & pot holder set
  • a very yummy smelling candle
  • some great books - LOVE books!
  • and her sweet daughter even including a drawing & note for me!!!

Thanks so much, Lesley!!! I love everything you sent.


  1. That looks like a LOT of fun.

  2. LOL I'll have to show Gracie her artwork is on the net. She'll flip. :o) I'm glad you liked everything. I haven't blogged yet about my package. I'm being blazy. (hehe blog/lazy!)

  3. Too funny...my swap sister sent me the SAME kitchen towel! You can see it here:


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