Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Before & After: My Pantry

I've been meaning to clean out my pantry since some time this summer. Kids are sick this week so no school. Toddlers are sick this week so no babysitting. I had some time on my hands & I decided to be a bit productive.

This pantry area was modified to fit our larger fridge we used to have. When that died this past fall, we got a smaller fridge so now my swiffers & brooms reside beside the fridge. This is a small area, but it really does fit my needs. Most of our food is either stored in this area, in one overhead cupboard in the kitchen (mostly snack items) or in a white cabinet in the new shop area (i.e. man cave). While I would love more storage, that will have to wait.

On to the photos!



I'm most proud of this photo. I even washed the floor!!! The recycling bags that were piled by the side of the fridge are out in the truck waiting to go to the dump. I'm not sure what is going to happen once I start getting full bags of returnable bottles (that is the white bag hanging up). I typically just dumped those on to the floor in here, but I moved the recycling bag to inside the pantry plus the bags full of plastic & paper bags. I'll have to rethink that soon but for now - this so works for me!


  1. Good job! Doesn't it feel good to have a big project like that checked off the list!


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