Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chocolate Yumminess

Okay, so I will admit to being halfway through this project when I realized I should be taking photos & sharing about this yumminess!

Last week it was decided to thank all of our MOPPETS workers. Our MOPS group meets weekly & all of our child care workers are volunteers who come back week after week to care for our children so that we moms can have two hours to recharge. They are awesome!

Every mom was asked to bring six items (pampering type things) to add to baskets given out to the adult workers and some money to put towards some gift cards for the teens that also help out (most are homeschooled).

In true fashion, I had sort of forgotten this needed to be done. I had bought the stuff to do it, but didn't realize until around 5pm that it had to be done for tomorrow! Yikes! Thankfully it was super easy.

I got the idea for all of this yumminess from Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth. Her photos look way better than mine btw.

These photos were taken near the end of my chocolate making. I had added some leftover white chocolate melts from Christmas to the red I had picked up for this project & it made a nice pink so I could use my red sugar sprinkles.

Oh yes, details....you all need details....

*Buy Oreos. I bought the generic brand & a few broke. I'd probably buy the real ones next time.
*Melt chocolate melts in the microwave.
*Swish the cookies through to coat half of it.
*Place on cookie sheet covered with wax paper.
*Add sprinkles or other decorations.
*Place in a cold spot to cool & harden (my covered porch works great for this. I discovered it this past Christmas while making chocolate covered pretzels).
*That's it!

I put together seven bags of them. Each had about 10-11 cookies each. I hope the ladies enjoy them! It was super easy & children could probably help. I was moving fast so I banned mine from the kitchen.

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