Saturday, February 21, 2009

Creating Hope

I took some of this and came up with these....

They are going to my Mom. She will be able to take them with her to treatments if she wants or just leave them home where she can see them. I pray they help her through the next few months.

Oh & I know you'll all wonder so here's what I did....

I took 9x12" canvases I got from the Christmas Tree Shop for just over a $1 each (love that store). I used Modge-Podge (love this stuff) to put some pretty scrapbooking paper on two of them. The yellow one is painted with acrylic paint. I printed the vereses out using the Ariel Black font so they were nice & dark & big. Then I used more Modge-Podge to put them all together. Each canvas has a single coat of Modge-Podge over the top of everything including the "HOPE" words on the yellow one. It's super easy & I put these all together in about an hour. I let them dry overnight.

I just pray they are a blessing to my Mom on this journey she just started.


  1. Lisa, I am sure these will be a great comfort for your mom. Praying for her daily.

  2. They are great, Lisa. So encouraging.

  3. Those are GREAT, Lisa. Praying for your mom.

  4. Oh, Lisa, these are goregous and are sure to be such a comfort and encouragement to your Mom.

  5. Wow, this is really beautiful! My prayers are with her.


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