Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Life has been a bit crazy here this week. In addition to my three boys & Miss L my nephew has been here with us since Monday. A sort of extended sleep over. My sister just started homeschooling him this year so she sent his work with him. It's been interesting to have five of them at the table.

As you can see from the photo, I had to use my little four foot Lifetime table because our kitchen table is so small I just couldn't fit everyone around it. It's tight even when it's just normally us & J doesn't join us for the entire time. In the photo below Miss L is in the playpen (after being at the table with us for almost an hour) & J is on the couch after doing a bit of preschool.

One of the fun things we did today was painting a snow scene using marshmallows & Q-tips. I saw it a few weeks ago over at His Mercy is New & I knew the boys would love it. I was right. Although, I'm thinking N has been reading way too much Calvin & Hobbs lately. Here's what he drew.....
It makes me laugh every time I see it. ;-)

When I was taking a photo of N's painting, Miss L was in her seat having her mid-afternoon snack of pepperoni & cheese. She started yelling, "Cheese! Cheese!" and smiling very big. I had to take her photo of course.

Overall it was a good day. Long but good. Here's hoping tomorrow is nice too.

Oh & before you all nephew has been staying with me because my mom has been pretty ill for the last few months. She is back in the hospital & we are much closer to finding out what is causing the pain she's been having. My sister is an ER nurse so she is great with the medical stuff especially dealing with the doctors. In fact, one hospitalist actually said, "Okay, I'll do that. I'm tired of arguing with you." ;-) She knows her stuff. She's been working for about 17 years at this point. I'm glad she's there & I'm glad I can have my nephew here where she doesn't have to worry about what's going on & I can help with the school stuff.

Quote of the day is from my nephew. He's an only child at this point btw...
"Auntie Lisa, making four child mind is tough isn't it?" ::grin::

Once I know for sure what's wrong with my mom I'll be sure to post about it. Prayers for comfort for her right now would be great. Thanks.


  1. Those snowmen crack me up! My kids loved our Calvin & Hobbes books to death. I finally had to throw them away. :)

  2. Love the snowmen! I'm happy to hear that you are making it thru this with such humor. Hang in there. :) Love his quote! Praying for your mom. Miss ya!

  3. I also saw this craft project and want to try it. I love "N" picture and thought of C & H before I read that part. We always have a C & H in our bathroom (Gabe's favorite reading place). Too funny.

  4. N's snowman picture is hilarious! Your nephews comment of the day is funny too. Still praying for you all and your mother as you go through this difficult time.

  5. Oh dear, what happened to the snowman with the "x x" eyes!LOL.

    Prays for your mom.

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