Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wrestle Time (aka Get Daddy!)

J was playing in the living room in his Thomas hamper - don't ask - dirty clothes rarely make it in to this. Daddy came in & started playing with him. Laughter ensued (video on my Facebook profile if anyone is interested).

Then the fateful words were yelled..... "Wrestle Time!!!!"

And this is what happened next.....

See - J is still in the hamper.

This is what happened when I told all three of them to get on Daddy so I could take a photo. Poor Daddy. Even my nephew jumped right in without hesitation.

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  1. Lisa - I LOVE these photos. We play "tickle little kids" - which often resolves to wrestle. Mike is a bit more careful as he nears 50 - but the little ones still love this. LOL

    BTW - did you come up with the RENEW in your side bar? I love it! Can I borrow it?


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