Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Favorite Game

It's hard to find games that all of us can play & enjoy. The age span is from five up to ::cough cough:: thirty something. However, one game that we all do enjoy is Settlers of Catan or just Settlers as we call it.

A few years ago I bought the first game. Since that time we've also purchased the two additional expansion games (Seafarers and Cities & Knights). I was able to buy all of them off eBay for very good prices. We typically play Settlers with the Seafarers expansion.

The game is said to be for ages 12 and up but B has been playing since he was about ten. It's taken time to develop more of a strategy to his play but he has a lot of fun. He even won a couple days ago.

We have just started teaching N this past year. He's only seven. He loves the fact that he's able to play now. He's a blast to play with. He just starts giggling away. Hubby & I help him out from time to time to make game plays. J is just happy to sit with us & watch.

I'm not a huge fan of strategy games but even this one is a favorite of mine. The boys love it when we pull it out. We'll play while we eat supper. A typical game will usually take us about an hour to play. If it starts getting close to bedtime, Daddy pulls out all the stops & grabs a quick win (which can be really annoying when I'm so close to winning myself!).

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