Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Miss L

Miss L is the little girl I babysit during the week. She's about 20 months old now. Apparently she starts chanting "Boys!" and "Annie!" when her mom pulls in to the driveway to drop her off. She's been coming to my house since August 2008. It's fun to have a little girl around. I can do a mean ponytail these days!

The photo above was taken at our MOPS group on Wednesdays. Miss L loves going to MOPS & playing in the nursery. She was all about this horse that day.

These two photos were taken this past week. She has figured out pockets. She was too adorable so I had to snap a couple photos. She's a smart cookie & knows all her body parts. It's fun to name things & have her go through & point them all out.

She certainly is fun to have around & it's been a lot of fun "borrowing" a little girl to hang out at our house.

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  1. She is so cute! I love seeing pictures of Miss. L.


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