Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Photo Contest: Spring Where You Are

Spring has sprung here in Maine. There's still some snow though. Mud season is beginning. It's still too cold to not wear a jacket most days. But the calendar says it's spring & I need a reason to get outside. Added to that, I saw a friend comment the other day on Facebook that she wanted to take photos just 'cause. That all started me thinking & with some help from's the result...

I'm going to have a photo contest. The rules are going to be very simple. You have a week to document what spring is looking like where you live. That's it. Sign Mr. Linky below. I'll pick a random name at the end of the week. And if there is a winner than there must be a prize or in this case, prizes!

To sign up you must follow these steps...

  • Write a post with your photos. They must follow the theme.

  • Include the button & code to link back to this post in your post.

    Spring Where You Are Photo Contest

  • Cut & paste to your blog.

  • Add your link to Mr. Linky. PLEASE link directly to your photo post. I'll be checking & will have to delete any that don't follow this rule. Sorry! If you don't know how to do this, please ask me & I'll gladly help you out.

  • Keep your name short when you sign up, pretty please.

  • Leave a comment & let me know your first choice of prize.

Contest begins today (March 25th) and runs through Wednesday, April 1st. I will use to determine the winner. You must have your post up by midnight (ET) on April 1st to qualify. I will post the winners on Friday, April 3rd (which is also my middle son's 8th birthday!). The first person picked has first choice, second person second choice & the third person, well, sorry, you get whatever is left. Winners will have one week to claim their prizes otherwise I will chose an alternate. Thanks for playing and Happy Spring!

Hint: You have to CLICK on Mr. Linky to add your link. A pop-up window will show up & you add it there. For some reason my info is showing up in Mr. Linky. Just delete it & add your own. Sorry!

PS: No changes - I just wanted to bump this to the top. ;-)


  1. I'm up, and if I win I'd love the amazon card!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I saw this a few days ago, but we haven't seen spring here lately!

    If I win, I'd choose the amazon card too. :)

  3. I entered! Please forgive my extra linky. I forgot to link directly to my post and had to redo. :)

    I'd love #1 or #3.


    Lisa in jax

  4. Oh this is a super fun one! Just yesterday we had a "land sighting" here. It's so excited when you can finally see some ground peeking out from under the snow...finally! I will try to get a post up tomorrow (camera willing, it's been acting tempermental lately, LOL) but I have gotten a couple photos in the last week so might be able to document our snow starting to go away.

    My first choice would be the Amazon Gift certificate but as I haven't posted my photos yet I will let you know when I have.


  5. OK I loaded mine and did MR. Linky. Thanks for hosting this contest, it was a fun post to write. I had a problem with the graphic link (it didn't like the HTML) and I had no idea how to fix it. I used it anyway but there is a lot of space around the spring graphic on either side.


  6. I thought this said Spring Where ARE you (LOL)... spring hasn't arrived here yet!

  7. Hey Lisa - great contest! I had a bit of trouble with the widget but hopefully worked around it satisfactorily.

    I think I would take #1 and then #2.

  8. finally got a: my pictures up, and b: blogger to cooperate so I could comment...

  9. I got mine posted.....more wildflowers. gift certificate is always a good choice.

    Thanks so much for the challenge. I loved seeing everyone's entries.

    Barb-Harmony Art MOm

  10. :) I Got it in!! Spring has definitely sprung around here!

    Great contest Lisa, I had fun playing! #1 or #3 for me, please!

  11. Thanks Lisa! That was fun!

  12. THanks for a fun photo challenge. I just posted what spring looks like in our area!


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