Friday, April 3, 2009

And the winners are....

Spring official "springs" on March 20th. It's now been three weeks past that date & here is a photo of my front yard taken just mere minutes ago.....

This is why I really start longing for spring. One can tell it's coming as the snowbanks are receding. We've been having a lot of rain lately so they are going fast - well relatively speaking of course. 

One can see the growing ring around the trees as they soak up the sun's warmth & melt the snow even faster. That nasty, brown, dirty spring looking snow.....

This is what my front garden looks like. I finally did something I swore I would never do as it seemed so, well, so stupid...I shoveled down a snowbank - in spring. This past weekend I spent a good 10-15 minutes shoveling the top of the snowbank off & tossing it on to the lawn to melt. I want to see my spring flowers bloom this year!

But I did find some green things growing. These will turn in to wonderful wild tiger lilies. I love the orange all over my yard. There is a big bunch (this one) that will grow by the boys swing set & another really large bunch that grows right in front of our trailer.

Oh right - winners....I should get around to announcing winners right?

Winner of the $20 Amazon Gift card is......


Winner of the $10 Snapfish gift certificate is....

And "Mud Season" is here which means I get to wear these stylish green mud boots in my yard. They are my cheap pair and work great. I typically wear them to & from & change when I get to "civilization" (i.e. pavement!)

And winner #3 of the Canon digital camera remote is....

Thank you to everyone who participated! I have sent e-mails to all the winners. If you didn't get one, be sure to let me know.


  1. I must admit your pictures were very good. I guess you can't enter your own contest though, LOL. Thanks for hosting this was a fun one.

    It's been raining and raining here which would normally be depressing, but it's melting the snow fast so yippee rain!!!


  2. Oh Lisa, I hope your snow continues to melt away. Fresh white snow in November is always so exciting.... but muddy snow in April is just sort of depressing, isn't it?

    Thanks for the contest!!!


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