Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Too Cute for Words

Okay - just a few words...

In case you are new here, this is Miss L. She's about 23 months old (she'll turn two in just a few weeks). I babysit her. I started watching her last August about three days a week. In January she started coming five days a week. She is super sweet (and as stubborn as most almost-two-year-olds can be). It's fun having a girl around. She loves her naps (night-night!) and her food (eat!). She always gives me great photo opportunities.


  1. So CUTE!!!! Love it!!!!

  2. She reminds me a lot of my daughter. Mine likes her naps and eats, and is very stubborn also. I love Mrs. L's little pink bun-bun.

  3. What a cutie! Seems so long ago that I had such a young one.


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