Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Blogversary to ME

I'm sitting here thinking how long it has been on this blogging journey of mine. I started blogging back in 2005. Yup, 2005! To me that's just amazing. I started out using Blogger in January of 2005, but I didn't like it so switched to Homeschool Blogger in June of 2005 and switched back to Blogger in October of 2006 as I found it more user friendly at that point. I've been here ever since.

So when I first started blogging in June of 2005 we had been living at the Family Homestead for less than a year. I was using dial-up & it used to take forever to load photos to my blog. In June of 2005 my sons would have been almost eight, four & two-and-a-half. Wow. Now they are almost 13, eight, & five. Time certainly flies by.

We've now lived at the Homestead the longest we have ever stayed in one place since we've been married. We have moved quite a bit within the state.

We lived in an house near campus while in college - before marriage - with four other friends. Then we moved near to where we live now the summer we were married but stayed just for the summer. This was the summer of 1993. We married & went back to school to finish our senior year & lived in one apartment that year. Then we moved down the street in the same town (Milford) & stayed in a duplex for about 1-1/2 years.

At this point hubby had graduated and was trying to find a job in the field of engineering. It's rather hard in some parts of the state to do that. We were starting to look at moving out west (Wyoming if I remember right) when we was finally offered a job "in the big city" of Auburn in the southern part of the state. We lived in the city for a year & that was the year B joined our family. I found out I was pregnant with him a month after we moved. I was so glad we didn't end up out west at that point!

Then we moved to a small country town outside the city when B was about 18 months old. We lived in a rented trailer for about two years until we bought our first house. Oh how I loved that house. It was 3500 square feet with five bedrooms & five bathrooms. Did you catch that it was still only hubby, B, & I? I would have really loved to have that house now, but everything happened with the Lord's timing.

We stayed there until I had N. He arrived in 2001. Then we moved to an apartment in a nearby town. All of these towns were within a 30 minute drive of the Lewiston/Auburn area. One of the larger city areas in the state.

Until the summer of 2004 when we made the move back to the Homestead. And I so love living here.

Okay, so my anniversary post turned in to a moving post. I just was carried away by the memories. All that moving was hard at times. I lived in one house in one town for 21 years until I left home for good. It's been hard to know that my boys have moved a lot and me and moving just don't really mix! Just ask hubby or my MIL who eagerly volunteered to watch children once they came along so she wouldn't have to help me pack or unpack. Sorry, Mom!

But you know what? Kids are really resilient. J has no memories other than of living at the Homestead. He was only eight months old when we moved here. N has very vague memories of our apartment before this. He was three years old when we moved here. The Homestead is what features most prominently in his life. B has vague memories of our house & has definite memories of our apartment, but still he was eight years old when we came here so to him, this is home. And you know what? It's home to me too.

I wish I had some sort of giveaway to commemorate my anniversary but this just hit me as a spur of the moment thing (which is why there are no photos...I didn't want to go hunt & scan...maybe later). So just sing to me or something? 'K? ;-)


  1. Happy Blogversary, Happy Blogversary, Happy Blogversary...HAPPY BLOGVERSARY! :)
    I do enjoy your blog!

  2. I'll sing, too!
    Happy Blogversary to you, Happy Blogversary to you. Happy Blogversary dear Liiiiisaaaa, Happy Blogversary to yyyyooooouuuuuu!

    Love your blog!

  3. Happy Blogversary to you. Happy Blogversary to you. Happy Blogversary dear, Lisa. Happy Blogversary to you!

    Okay, you'll have to put in the music. Congrats!

  4. Hap-p-p-y Blog-g-g-y An-n-n-iversary to you! That was a rap. LOL, I don't rap, just being silly.

  5. LOL! Happy Blogoversary, but ou won't catch me singing. I'll have to play you a tune on the keyboard!

  6. Joining the chorus....Happy Blogversary!

    Fun story about how you ended up where you are.

  7. Singing right along. Happy Blogversary.

    I so enjoy your blog. :) So great to have online friends. Thanks for being mine.


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