Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Losing Weight Biggest Loser Style

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

::deep shuddering breath::

Okay, I did it. I joined a team at The Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans (isn't that the coolest title you've ever seen? seriously!) I've been reading & sort of following this blog for a bit. These folks are serious about weight loss. Serious! They did a ::shaking head:: 30 Day Shred challenge where they committed to doing Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred video for - yup! - 30 days! I have a hard time doing the entire workout once let alone subjecting myself to that for 30 days in a row! Like I said, these are some serious folks committed to getting healthy& loosing weight.

So when their newest challenge came up, I joined up - a bit hesitant - but I felt I needed that extra accountability since I've been stuck at this weight for months. I loose a few pounds & then gain them back repeat ad naseum.

The challenge was to sign up & then they assigned us to a team. I'm on the Red Team. Did you see my new button over there to the left? We report in weekly & have a combined team total - just like Biggest Loser (one of my favorite shows btw although I could do without all the drama but whatever).

I'm pretty excited actually. I'm looking forward to getting healthy. I was doing great on my exercise. I've mentioned before that I am using the Chantel Hobbs book Never Say Diet to get myself in to "healthy." Phase 1 is to eat breakfast every day (which I already do so this wasn't hard) and to workout five days in a row for thirty minutes and break a sweat. I was doing that too. In fact, I did it for six weeks. And then I stopped. Cold turkey. Just.stopped. ::sigh::

Then I made myself start back this week. No excuses. And I've managed two days. I love to exercise. I really do. That's never been an issue for me. It always comes back to my food choices, so that is what I'm going to start focusing one. Then I'll enjoy watching my jeans shrink. Go Red!


  1. Lisa,
    I'm so glad to be part of Team Red with you!!!

    I'm going to check out the book you're reading, and I totally need to get back on the Shred bandwagon. I kinda quit cold turkey after we finished up the first go round. :(


  2. I love the attitude you've taken! I always tell people, I'm not on a diet. I eat healthy.

    Good luck this challenge!!

  3. Good luck on the challenge!

  4. I know the feeling! Blessings on your weight loss journey.

  5. Sounds like a FUN challenge

  6. Good luck!!!

    I'm right there with you and should join a challenge too. I've gained some serious weight over the winter and none of my summer clothes fits anymore. No idea how that happened, guess I was baking a lot. :-/


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