Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Busy-ness

It seems like the calendar hit on June 21st and our days became hotbeds of busy-ness. In the essence of time, here's what we have done, are doing, and plan to do (so far) this summer. I'm hoping to get some rest in there somewhere.

  • Began our new chicken venture which included hubby spending four weekends building a chicken tractor for them.
  • N finished up his spring baseball with the local rec department.
  • I participated in our state's used curriculum sale & had a great time!
  • I went to a friend's wedding (two actually)
  • I visited relatives in Massachusetts with N.
  • I spent the day shopping & visiting with my sister & friend Tammy (post to come on this one)
  • My boys are doing VBS this week (we're on day 4 & I'm exhausted!)
  • This weekend I am cleaning my house, a friend's house & going to a BBQ about the new...
  • Track team that the boys are joining & goes twice a week through the month of July
  • I'm visiting my sister next week & leaving a boy there with her overnight (we did the same thing with her son staying here this week)
  • I'm having a filling replaced....ugh!
  • The two little boys start two weeks of swimming lessons for an hour a day for two weeks on the 6th of July
  • My hubby is playing on the church softball league & that's going through August
  • I have my yearly PE in the month of July too...such fun.
  • My hubby's company has their "summer outing" in July - but it's free lobster/steak dinner & a boat ride off the coast.
  • I'm putting together a homeschooling day for the local area (with some help - thank goodness) for the end of August.
  • My oldest may do a "Safe Sitter" program but that's up in the air at the moment because track finals are the same day.
  • We're doing a "Kick-Off Cook-Out" for MOPS at the start of August.
  • We're having a planning day for the new MOPS year at the end of July. I still need to figure out what my role - if anything - will be for this new year.
Now I know why my eye has been twitching all day. Somewhere in there I need to plan out our new school year but I already have our new science book and I really like the looks of it!


  1. Oh, is that all?! LOL...hope things slow down for you when things heat up in July and August. It's already too hot down here to do too much.

    I took Olivia out to a museum and food shopping, and I was completely heat beat today.

  2. Your calendar looks like mine! So much for a slow, lazy summer!!!!!! :)

  3. Your starting to sound like me! I thought I was busy... things are calming down a bit here finally... Until August then things will get crazy again for me!

  4. I already read a few of these on your facebook but wanted to catch up on your blog too!

    Praying you have some relaxing times among the busyness.

  5. Our summer got crazy all of a sudden as well.


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