Monday, July 6, 2009

July Randomness

It continues to rain here more often than not. I don't remember when our climate switched out with the Pacific northwest, but it certainly feels like that lately - not that I've ever been there. In fact, the ten day forecast has anywhere from a 20-40% chance of rain every single day. Did I mention we're leaving for vacation soon?

However, the last two days we've had a lot of sun. That's been so very nice. Yesterday the two little boys started swim lessons. We have them at the lake right here in town. This is our third year participating, but J's first year. I think he's liking them based on his expression in the photo below.

He did very well for his first day. They typically only take kids grades 1 & up but I asked if he could try. He's 5-1/2 & has two older brothers. I thought he'd do well & I think I was right. There appears to be other five year olds there (maybe some four year olds too?) so I don't think he's the exception. Because our town's rec department hosts & puts on the lessons, we pay a mere $10 per child for two weeks of lessons - an hour at a time. The only downer - it's outside at the lake & it's held rain or shine. I think we'll be having more rain than shine this year.

They do let the kids come out to warm up. I think they'll all be in & out a lot the rest of the week.

My flower garden is having a few more blooms coming out. These are very pretty. I'm pretty sure these are iris (okay - what's the plural of that word??). Deb or someone with more gardening knowledge than me, am I right as to what these are?

I'm also thrilled with the mini-tiger lilies I have coming up. They doubled in space from last year. I'll have to separate them this fall I think or they may take over my little garden spot.

My veggie garden is also showing wonderful growth. My peas are coming up wonderfully! Grandpa told me I had a doe eyeing them the other night but so far so good. I only have a little string fence around the garden, but I haven't noticed any nibbles on anything yet.

I have a few pitiful corn plants coming up. I planted four rows & I counted about four plants when I was out weeding last week. My pumpkins are coming up, my tomato plants are doing well. I also noticed some of my squash, zucchini, and cucumbers are growing as well. My broccoli seems to be doing okay too. Everything else is pretty iffy at this point. However, this is my first garden so I figured I'd plant a little of everything & see what did well.


My chicks are loving their tractor. It's been great to move them here & there & let them eat the bugs and slugs and other critters that get in there. I love watching them chase flying bugs! They are getting big so fast.

We will be expanding our flock sometime later in the summer as well. We have friend who are buying 25 chicks but don't want to keep that many. They are going to brood them & then we are going to buy six pullets from them. I have no idea yet what we'll be getting but it will be fun! Then we'll have a full dozen chicks.

I didn't realize how much fun I would have with the garden & the chicks. I'm loving this country life more & more.


This is a pretty busy week here. The boys have swim lessons each afternoon for an hour. My hubby has two night meetings (planning boards) plus two softball games. Thursday night is his only night home with us (as in before the boys have to go to bed). We're also getting ready to go on vacation. I'll tell you all about that after.


  1. Those community swim lessons are a deal! We do them as well, only ours are more expensive probably because they are at the indoor rec center pool. We are probably going to do two one week half day camps this summer with the community center - nature and art.

  2. Brrr!! Swim lessons in a Maine lake sound both wonderful and freezing! Great pics!

  3. Yes, those are irises. Very pretty, too. We have wild ones like that, called blue flag, along rivers in our area.

    I'm glad I found your blog, and now I wish I'd volunteered to review Spell Quizzer. It sounds good.

    We, too, have five kids age 6-16.

    Annie Kate

  4. Your gardens look good.

    Our swim lessons used to be a good deal but they raised the price to $35 this year. I guess still not bad at all for 2 weeks of half hour lessons (they do half hour here not an hour) but it would really add up if I had more than one taking lessons.



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