Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I participate in this weekly meme every once in a while. When I tackle anything, I typically forget to take photos. Not this week! My little ones bedroom has been a source of much irritation lately. It literally looked like someone had gone in & just took every single toy they owned & dumped it on the floor. Oh wait, someone did. Two someones ages 8 & 5 - at least I'm pretty sure that's what happened.

Photo proof of the mess....

The really sad part? I thought I was being so smart about this yesterday. I sat down & made up twenty index cards with different "steps" for cleaning. For instance, the first card said pick up all the trash. When the boys would finish the step, they would bring me the card & I would give them the next one. Every third card had something fun to do (jump up & down five times or give mom a big hug for example). Foolishly, I did not inspect after each step because those "before" photos above? Those were taken after the boys had gone through all twenty steps. THAT was what was still on the floor. ::sigh::

So this afternoon I waded in. I brought two large black trash bags with me. The boys are train nuts. They have a very large Geo-Trax set (N has been getting this set since he was three years old), they have a "blue track" Thomas set, they have a wooden Thomas set, & they have a "take along" Thomas set. That's a lot of trains. About six months ago I made them take out two sets & I planned to rotate them back. Well, they ended up with all four sets in their room again. So two sets went in to black trash bags & they are going in to storage.

I also took out two bags of trash. So much for step #1. But now I don't feel my blood pressure going up every time I set foot in their room. Here's the after photos....

A friend gave us an old computer & I have told the boys that if they can keep their room looking this nice for a week, I'll set up the computer for them to use.

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  1. Good luck... My girls are still making a huge mess... and the most frustrating part for me is that I keep organizing it and giving everything a home (i.e a basket, or tote) and what do they do every time the play with something??? NOT PUT IT BACK IN ITS HOME! LOL I give up!

  2. I had to laugh about the index card system. The best laid plans . . .

    BTW, my girls like trains, too. They have a Melissa & Doug wooden set. They do have 2 trains from the Thomas collection -- Lady and Rosie! LOL I'm telling you, I'm working on those future marriage plans for your boys and my girls! ;0)

    That whole organization thing eludes me, too. We have the bins, baskets, totes, drawers, etc., but everything winds up in the floor in a pile. My toddler especially likes to DUMP baskets just for the sheer enjoyment of dumping baskets. LOL

  3. Sorry, but I had to giggle about the boys and the cards! Sounds just like my bunch! :) I am having a yard sale on Sat. and hopefully can rid my home of some of the STUFF! It all ends up in the floor here, too! ::sigh:: I simply refer to "it" all as organized chaos! Makes me feel better! :)

  4. YOU did a good job. Won't compliment those "someones" except to say they live here too! They (must admit even the 13 yo not just the little brothers!) think clean is way different than what clean really is.


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