Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Newborn Photos

I've been really drooling a bit over the wonderful newborn photos I've been seeing on-line lately. It seems to be a booming business or perhaps I just read the right blogs - not sure on that. When a local friend had a baby a couple weeks ago, I immediately asked if I could come do photos. Okay, I actually asked her before she had the baby - multiple times. I was a bit of a nag I'm sure.

I went over there this past Sunday afternoon & spent a fun 1-1/2 hours taking photos of the little one. And when I say that, I truly mean it! She is a peanut!

I took about half the photos with my little point & shoot digital camera & the rest with my 35mm SLR Cannon Rebel - which I haven't used in a long time! In fact, there was a roll of used film in the bag - from when? I've no idea.

The photos below are ones I have edited using Picnik - my favorite on-line photo editing program that you can use for free! I still need to do the film ones I took as well, but that may take me a bit. While I have them on a disk, my disk drive is not working so I'll need to scan them in.


I love how this ended up. I didn't like how long it took to edit. LOL


Mom's hand is in front. She is on Dad's arm completely out!


Love this one too....


I took this during "intermission." She was wide-awake when I arrived & started getting fussy after about 15 minutes. The bottle put her right out.


I know - it's slightly out of focus but I used the "holga-ish" effect. That converted it to B&W & put the fade around the edge.

I used to have a small photography business - very small - a few years ago. Mostly before we moved back to the old homestead. I did a couple weddings a year, a few senior photos, a few family photos. And then the digital camera boom really started & I was still using film. I just couldn't keep up. I still enjoy taking photos though, so I've started doing this for friends. And it's fun.

PS: If you see this in a feed, sorry for the double post. I forgot to watermark the photos & that's something I'm really trying to be more diligent about lately.


  1. They're really sweet, Lisa!

  2. Love these! If we lived closer, I would definitely have you take some for us! I would love it! We have such a hard time with DD (age 2) posing in a studio. She runs screaming from the camera. =0(

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I have got to learn how to edit my pictures better! You do such a good job!

  4. Aren't they the most beautiful things in this world! What a blessing from God, and the picture truly capture this.

  5. Oh they are gorgeous, Lisa! You are very talented! I had a lot of trouble switching to digital, too. I really miss film and time in the darkroom. Somehow I feel like I'm cheating with digital and don't really put my heart into it. I really need to though. Keep sharing your photos (and definitely watermark them - - they are too good not to!)

  6. beautiful photos, Lisa. You are talented!


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