Monday, August 17, 2009

Review: Grapevine Studies

To say we were excited in our house when we found out we were going to be trying out Grapeveine Studies for The TOS Homeschool Crew*, may have been a teensy understatement. I had to literally wrestle the package out of my oldest son's hands so I could open it. I'm not joking!

Grapevine Studies is a very unique way of studying the Bible. We had been introduced to it a few years ago when I was able to try a free study from them on The Birth of Jesus. When I say it's "unique way" of studying the Bible, I truly mean it.

The lessons taught are reinforced by stick figure drawings. Even I can draw these lessons! Here's proof....

When I was given my choice of what to try out from Grapevine, I chose the Multi-Level Old Testament Basics with plans to use this with my two older boys. It's a catechism study & I felt it would be a good complement to what the boys learn in AWANA during the course of the year. So far I have been correct on that.

The lessons vary in length but we typically do 2-4 drawings each day. We read the question & then read any related Bible verses. Then I write the answer to the question (once I give the boys a chance to respond) on the chalk board. Why, yes, that is the boys old Fisher-Price chalkboard above. It's working great for this as we can sit in the living room to do this program. Once they are done copying the answer, I draw the photo that is in the teacher's book.

Grapevine Studies uses specific colors to represent different things drawn. My book is in black & white so I refer to the FAQ page on their website which shares what colors to use when (it's question #17). I do let the boys have some leeway here as well just to keep it fun.

One thing I really love about these books is that there is very little teacher prep. I have discovered over the years that if there is a lot of teacher prep needed for something to be used here, it just won't get done. These books can be just opened and you can start. It's a very simple but effective method of studying the Bible.

There are books for ages 5 to adult broken into different levels:
  • Beginner - ages 5-7
  • Level 1 - ages 6-8
  • Level 2 - ages 8-10
  • Level 3 - ages 10-13
  • Level 4 - Young Teen
  • Level 5 - Teen to Adult
There are also multi-level studies such as the one I am using if you are teaching children with a wider age range. The studies also cover a wide range of topics from the Old or New Testaments.

There are also different options regarding what type of book to use. I was able to chose a paper bound copy of the books (teacher & student) & I did enjoy this option greatly. However, there are budget friendly eBooks available of each as well. The prices vary depending on what one decides to buy (eBook or hard copy, B&W or color). I would also suggest checking out their "sale page" for some dent & ding specials.

If you'd like to try out a free lesson before you buy, sign up for their eNewsletter. It arrives weekly with a free lesson inside. (The sign-up box is to the right of screen on the home page.) As of today, you can also download a free lesson from their web page on the Tabernacle by clicking HERE.

We are enjoying this study so much I do plan to continue with this over the course of our school year. Dianna at Grapevine Studies has also made a very generous offer. Everyone who would like to order can use the coupon code crews to receive a 30% discount off their order good from now through September 15th!

I highly recommend Grapevine Studies! Enjoy learning God's word.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. All opinions shared are my own. TOS Crew Members are given the product free of charge in order to review it.


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