Monday, September 28, 2009

Apple-iscious Fun

We headed to a local apple orchard today for some fun. We had quite a good turn-out for our group but it certainly helped to have two of the larger families join us. I actually had someone ask me if we were a school group & yes, I was wearing my "Warning! Parent of an unsocialized homechooler" t-shirt, but in her defense my back was turned. I love replying, "No, just a homeschool group." See - we do get out from time to time! ;-)

B took many of the photos for me today. I was again wearing Mr. H & he likes to "help" me with my photos (read: eat the camera strap if it gets anywhere near his chubby little hand - but that's okay - what's a bit of baby drool anyway?) We came home with over 60+ photos but I'll only share these five....

Doesn't this look amazing? An apple box full of apples. Yum....

A very nice Jamaican apple picker who smiled nicely for B.
(Did you really think I took this one? There are benefits to being a kid with a camera.)

N & others from our group in the orchard picking.

Miss H enjoying an apple on the ride back. We were able to have a tractor ride up to the picking area. I'm pretty sure that may have been the highlight for most of the kids.

Miss H enjoying some cider after the ride. She ended up in new clothes after this.
But she certainly enjoyed her cider!

I truly do love fall in Maine. I'd love it more if I knew winter wasn't coming on fast, but today we had highs in the low 70s & it was very warm but comfortable. We've been doing a lot of field trips lately but soon we'll be stuck home due to the cold and snow so we're enjoying the outdoors as much as possible right now in anticipation of winter.


  1. Wow, I love that first picture of all the apples! Looks like perfect weather for your day. :)

  2. What a wonderful day!

    We've had a beautifully warm and dry September too, and it almost makes up for the dreadful summer!


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