Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review: EDUDPS - Roots & Fruits


The newest product that I was able to check out for The TOS Homeschool Crew is from Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services. That's a mouthful isn't it? I'll call it EDUDPS from here on out.

Jill Dixon is the author of the product I was blessed to try out. It's a comprehensive vocabulary curriculum that will go from grades K through 12 called Roots and Fruits. I have been wanting to teach the boys Latin roots for a while now as I know it will help build their vocabulary skills but I've always been a bit intimidated by the whole process. Roots & Fruits makes it very easy & it even includes Greek roots as well.

Let me back up here for a minute...I'm so excited that I'm not sure I'm explaining this very well.

Roots and Fruits
is an extensive curriculum (covers grades K through 12) that teaches the English forms of Greek & Latin roots and prefixes. It gives the meanings for the words. It breaks them down to their smallest parts and enables a student to figure out the meaning of unknown words based on its parts. It truly reminded me a lot of the medical terminology course I took in college, but it's more fun.

The curriculum does not call for a lot of time - just 15 minutes a day. My favorite part - there is even a sample schedule included. There are over 600 (673 to be exact) roots and prefixes explained for over 1700 words.

Another neat feature is that the prefixes and roots that are easier to explain to younger children are marked with an asterisk in the list. This makes it easy to pick & chose the ones you want to teach to the younger ones.

The one thing that sets Roots & Fruits apart from other similar curriculum is the inclusion of easy to use games and activities. These are not separate purchases that would need to be made, but rather easy things to do at home. For instance, one game is called "goofy sentences" & the students use their vocabulary words to write the silliest sentence they can.

EDUDPS is currently offering the eBook of Roots & Fruits for $11.25 (regularly $14.98). The book is just over 70 pages long. If you'd rather purchase something already printed, you can buy the printed pages only (just add a binder) for $17.48. However, if you'd like it comb-bound, then it would be $19.98. Remember - this is an comprehensive curriculum for grades K-12!

If you are still not sure if you'd like this book, EDUDPS offers free samples of some their books. The Roots & Fruits sample includes the first 21 pages which covers:
  • The Table of Contents
  • Bio of Jill Dixon
  • Introduction to the curriculum
  • Why it's unique
  • How to use the program
  • Weekly schedule sample
  • Games & activities to use with the program
  • Special notes page
  • All the "A" roots & prefixes
  • First page of the "B" roots & prefixes
That's a pretty big sample & should allow you enough information to see if this is something that would work for your family. The remainder of the pages (pages 22-72) cover the rest of the prefixes & roots from B-Z.

This is another product that will be finding its way in to our daily homeschool time.

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