Monday, September 28, 2009

Review: A Journey Through Learning


A Journey Through Learning is a lapbook & unit studies company. The products are put together by two homeschooling moms. I love finding companies like this because who better to know what we homeschooling moms like than other homeschooling moms!

I first heard about lapbooking about 3-4 years ago I think. I've tried many from many different companies. I like how they feel kind of like arts & crafts with the cutting and pasting and coloring but also are great way to contain the information my boys were learning.

A Journey Through Learning generously gave me five lapbooks to look over for them. They included:

  • Amphibians
  • Autumn
  • The Desert
  • The Parables of Jesus(about the stories Jesus told)
  • Reptiles
Each lapbook comes with a "how-to" section which explains how to fold the file folders and paste them together to create the lapbooks. The ones we were asked to check out all required three file folders - the largest we have ever done. A Journey Through Learning also sells what they call "Mini Lapbooks" which only require 1-2 file folders to put together.

There is also a section that shows you where to place each mini-booklet - taking the guess work out of putting them together. I really liked this feature. There is also a table of contents.

Included is also a "complete-the-scene" page that goes along with the theme of the lapbook & is used for the cover. This is something new I had not seen before in any lapbooks I've done. However, my favorite aspect of these lapbooks is that all the information needed is included with the lapbook! It takes the work out of looking it up & spending hours on research in order to write the information needed in the mini-booklets. There is a page of information included in the pdf file & then there are the mini-booklets to complete about that information & it continues like this throughout. I loved this part of it.

The end of the file also includes a bibliography as well as a list of additional books that can be read for more information. There are also some more pages in order to extend the study if one would like to. Samples can be seen of the lapbooks on their website simply by clicking on the title that interests you.

I allowed my boys the chance to pick which one we would concentrate on & they chose "reptiles" hands down. Here are photos from B's completed (well, almost completed) one:

Folder 1

Folder 2

Part of Folder 3 (this one isn't finished)

A view looking down at the lapbook

A Journey Through Learning sells their lapbooks for $13 as an instant download (pdf file), $14 as a CD, or $21 as a printed document mailed to you. Their mini-lapbooks sell for a few dollars less for each option. They also sell unit studies, copywork pages, and notebooking pages as well.

I felt that the lapbooks made by A Journey Through Learning are of excellent quality & the instructions make them extremely easy to put together. For this homeschooling mom, that means a quality product that allows me more time with my boys and less time at the computer researching information. I like that.

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*Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. All opinions shared are my own. TOS Crew Members are given the product free of charge in order to review it.

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