Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Big Move

Our "old" chicks have been moved in to their new "digs" due to the fact that we just picked up six more chicks today! We now have a flock of twelve. I can't wait until they are all laying!

I need to get some more photos of the new coop but I'm going to wait until hubby finishes their new & improved run & the the last touches on the coop. We moved them earlier than we normally would have because friends of ours have been raising the chicks for us & we needed to get them. We had agreed to buy six of the 25 chicks they bought in July. When I went to get them, they gifted them to us! How cool is all that?

However, here is a view in to the new coop through the nesting boxes. Hubby converted a part of the 100 year old barn that is on the property. This particular area has held a bull and goats and now our chicks.

Here's a pic through the nesting box area looking to where their food & water now are. That door is only open because I was in their putting down new shavings. I had the chickens locked out in to their teeny-tiny run that they have until hubby finishes the "deluxe" one. You can see the ramp he built that leads to their temporary roosting area. They love it & I found them all sleeping on it tonight when I went out to shut their run door.

Here are our "big" girls in their tiny run. Yesterday they kept getting flustered and flying all over the place and three of them (well, one I think did it twice) flew right out of the run. I'm hoping that doesn't become a habit otherwise we'll be loosing chickens. We can't put a roof on the run due to how large it is & because we chose to put it along the side of the barn. The snow sliding off the barn roof in the winter would destroy it. Hubby has put the posts & such so that the snow shouldn't be an issue. I guess we'll find out in a few months.

Here are our new babies. We have three Rhode Island Red chicks, another Barred Rock, a Black Star, and an all black one that I have figured out quite yet what it is. Any guesses?

These chicks are a bit more skittish than our big girls. They also insist on roosting outside every night. I'm going to be very surprised if nothing gets to them.

Any idea on some other animals we should get? Although, hubby has threatened - well - let's just say it wouldn't be pretty. He's about done building "stuff" for all these chickens. I don't think now is a good time to get more animals.


  1. when we were at the local Tru-Value, they had a dozen Barred Rock chicks for $3 each...they were too darned cute! I told you I live in "Chickenville" right? My subdivision streets are all named after chickens: White Rock, Cochin, Wyndotte, Phoenix, and of course, my lovely street, Barnevelder. I'm going to guess the all black one *might* be a barnevelder???

  2. I sure admire those of you who have animals. We aren't animal people because I know we wouldn't have time to take care of them properly.


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