Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Whew! This year has started off just crazy. Simply crazy! Here are a few snippets and then I must get to bed so I'm fresh for our field trip tomorrow.

  1. I finished getting the new coop ready & picked up our new chicks on Monday. Our "old chicks" live in the new coop while the new chicks live in the chicken tractor - for now. I'm hoping they can all play nicely together very soon. Our "old chicks" are getting closer & closer to laying eggs - I think - at least they should be given their age. We'll have to wait & see I guess. The new chicks insist on roosting in the outside run area - up close to the wire. I'm afraid we're going to loose some at some point. Oh & we now have three Rhode Island Red chicks, another barred rock (grand total of 7), a Black Star, and an all black one that we weren't sure on. We'll have to figure it out at some point I guess. I do have photos but seeing as it's pushing midnight - I'll have to share those later.
  2. Field Trip! The boys and I (and Mr. & Miss H) will be starting a five week series of classes a natural history museum tomorrow. It's every other week from now through November. I'm looking forward to it but it will be interesting having Mr. & Miss H with me too.
  3. Next Friday I start teaching a monthly class on photography to homeschoolers. I have 13 signed up so far. I've never done this before. It should be interesting. Hmmm, what's another word for interesting anyway?
  4. School has been hard lately. I have a lot of product that needs to be reviewed for the TOS Crew & I'm trying to figure how to fit it all in plus make sure the boys get done what they need to do - especially poor J who is getting left by the wayside at the moment. I'm getting there but it's certainly taking a lot longer this year!
  5. N has to have his tonsils & adenoids out in November. Well, he doesn't "have to" but we've made the decision to have that done. He snores horribly & has a "marble mouth" sound to his voice. Plus when the doctor examined him on Tuesday, he found that N's tonsils were just about touching & the kid isn't even sick. He's nervous about (so am I!) but it's the right decision. As I told the doc, I'd much rather have it done at age 8 than at age 18! I did get a chuckle when the doc started questing N about school - getting to know you type things - such as do you like school (doc's back was to me so I'm making faces at N). Then he asks N if he likes his teacher & I made a big face at him. He giggled & just said, "Yes." Good boy.
  6. Okay - my wrist is hurting from typing. Time to go to bed!
That was just a very quick update on life. I'll update more soon - promise!

PS: Scroll down - I still have books to sell! ;-)


  1. Hey!
    Around here everything gets kicked up a notch in the Fall! I got the book a few days ago...THANK YOU we are so very excited! Also, thanks for the tip on TOS I bought it and a book for my Julia. Sounds like lots of fun stuff is going on...hold on tight! :)

  2. Sounds like you have some fun things coming up. Wish I could sign my younger three up for your photography class, they all love taking pictures.

  3. I hope you find a way to incorporate all of the review products. I would LOVE to do curriculum reviews, but we barely get my plan done let alone trying out anything new....


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