Sunday, September 6, 2009

Books for Sale - Take 2

I did this once before in 2007 & it's time to try again. I need to raise some money for our "stupid tax" as Dave Ramsey calls it (i.e. credit card debt). Here's the scoop:

If you are interested, you can e-mail me at I accept all manner of Paypal & personal checks (but will hold for six days before mailing). Free shipping on orders of $10 or more otherwise actual shipping cost added. All books mailed media mail. First request, first receive. I will try to link up as many as I can to websites with descriptions. Thanks!!!!


1. CQLA (Character Quality Language Arts) - Complete language arts curriculum. I have Volume III Level PreA which is now their Green Level & covers all the characters listed in the Green series. Also included is a Spelling Notebook that goes with the series. I have the student pages in a 3-ring binder & will mail with that binder. I also have the teacher notes separated in to a separate binder. The first week of lessons in the student pages are completed - mostly in pencil - but it does have some highlighting and pen marks. The first few pages were also wet & then dried. They are a bit wrinkly but no other damage to them (I spilled water on them). The teacher pages are highlighted. The spelling notebook has a name on the front and only a few words added. Cost new is $99 plus shipping. I am selling all of the above for $25. ~~SOLD~~

2. One Digit Addition and Subtraction with Cuisenaire Rods by Patricia Davidson - student workbook. Mine appears to be an older addition & is not spiral bound, but perfect bound. It is a clean copy - like new. $8

3. What Your Child Needs to Know When (grades K-8) by Robin Sampson - excellent condition. Small dog ear on the cover. $12

4. Bible Study Guide for All Ages Unit 1 by Mary Baker - I bought this used and never used it. I have found a different Bible study program that I'm trying out so this needs to go to make shelf room. Included in the price is the 3-ring binder (as seen in the photo at Amazon) with all teacher instructions and reproducibles, beginner level student pages for all lessons, intermediate student pages for all levels and a manila folder with everything else inside. Here is a quick link to their official website to read more of a HERE. $35 (retails for over $70)

5. Bob Jones Writing & Grammar for Christian Schools 11 (2nd edition) kit - included are the teacher edition books (two) spiral bound, student workbook (first 2 chapters completed in pencil with pen correction marks), and tests with answer key (test #1 has one section completed in pencil). This was my niece's curriculum. $35 (Retails for $95 on CBD which is where we purchased it from).

Added 9/6...

6. "If I'm Diapering A Watermelon Then Where'd I Leave the Baby?" by Carol Barnier CD - This is a CD of her homeschooling talk of the same name. If you had a hyper child or one who does not learn in the "normal" way - Carol is great. If you have a child who is "normal" - Carol is great. I bought this at my state convention this past March & have only listened to it once. Don't let that fool you - it's good. - $4

All of the following books are $1 each unless otherwise noted. (#7-#17)'s a secret....all the books I just listed above for $1 are also on my Paperback Swap account. I could really use some credits over there. If you want to browse my bookshelf (I have over 100 books listed), you can request the book directly from me. As a bonus, if you choose to request two books from me over at PBS, I'll throw in a third choice free. Just PM or e-mail me the title of that third book. Help me whittle down this pile please or it's going to the thrift store soon.

18. Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills: Collections of the Homekeeper by Mrs. Martha Greene - I bought this book when it first came out in 2005. I even have it autographed by Mrs. Martha Greene herself. I had high hopes thinking I would use it & love it & turn it in to an heirloom to pass along. The truth is - I've barely looked at it & it's gathering dust on my shelves. Thus, it needs to be part of the great "pay down" going on around here. You can read a more detailed review of what it entails on This book retails for $29.49 on the Marmee Dear website or $26.99 on CBD. $17

Non-Homeschool/Book Related

**Hubby spent lots of time building me a chicken tractor this summer. We are getting six more chickens this weekend. The tractor is too small so we are going to sell it. I'm surprised the man isn't royally ticked at me for all that wasted work. Help me out...check out the Craigslist listing for it here: (sorry internet friends - this is more of a local thing...too heavy to ship - pick up only!)

**Zumba DVD's - set of 4 - I bought this on a whim about a year ago. I've opened three of them. One is still in the original shrink wrap. There are four DVD's: Beginners; Power; Abs, Buns, and Thighs; and Advanced. I've used the "beginner" one the most. If you want to see what it entails - check out this YouTube video from a few years ago of an actual class. $20

PS: I will be adding more books & republishing this post as I do. I have oodles of readers to sort through & weed out.

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