Saturday, September 5, 2009

Save Second Base!

I have a friend of mine that is walking for breast cancer. She will be walking with her two sisters in Philadelphia in October - the 16th-18th. It's the 3-Day Walk that totals 60 miles - that's 20 miles a day! They have to raise a lot of money as well. The total for the three of them is $6,900 so my friend's portion is $2,300. That's a lot of money!

One way she is trying to raise funds - other than actual pledges - is by selling t-shirts similar to the one showed above. That's the one I bought. You can see more of the t-shirt designs by clicking HERE. HOWEVER, please don't purchase them from the website.

Shelly is selling them direct for a tad more than what's listed on the site. The shirts are $25 but $15 of that goes back to the t-shirt company & the remaining $10 goes towards Shelly's goal. It's a big goal!

If you'd like to purchase a shirt and help Shelly meet her goal and support breast cancer research, please let me know. I'll forward her e-mail on you & you can talk about buying one.


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