Friday, October 9, 2009

LC Bates Science Class

Today was our third class held at the LC Bates Museum. Today the kids learned about insects. One of the things they were able to check out were the various insect collections in the museum. One large one is housed in this cabinet.

This is a collection done by a Maine woman (who's name escapes me right now). She was told by her doctor to spend as much time outside as she could to preserve her health. She decided to collect insects. She even has some that are now extinct in Maine. She even built the cabinet.

B13 was taking photos. I think that may have something to do with the look on N8's face.

Mr. H hanging out with me.

After we spent some time looking at collections, we headed downstairs to the classroom area. Serena (our teacher guide) does a really great job getting the kids involved. This is N8 along with his cousin (we'll call him B7) showing how the wings on a dragonfly work. I learned that dragonfly wings do not have to work together. One set can beat at a different rhythm than the 2nd set & allows them to maneuver better.

There were a lot of preserved specimens that were handed around so everyone could get a closer look. This is always neat. Of course, my theory is that the best insects are dead insects but overall I'm good with them as long as they leave me alone.

Serena is holding a dead-leaf moth. If you see the top moth, with its wings open it's very pretty. However, as a defense, it can look like a dead-leaf with its wings closed.

This one freaked me out the most. I'm very glad it was dead. Can you see the sheer size of this thing? B13 is holding it (and snapping the photo). That's his hand there. ::shudder:: (It's a type of walking stick - spiny devil or something like that - seriously.)

After this they had a chance to try on some bug classes, look through 3D glasses at some cards with close-ups of bug and bug parts, make bug rubbings with rubbing plates, and just explore everything for a bit.

N8 with the 3D glasses on.

B13 with his bug glasses. I didn't try the glasses but I did try a different lens. It was like looking through a kaleidoscope - which is the observation N8 made later after we were home.

Miss H making a butterfly rubbing with help from "Auntie #2" (my sister).

J5 with his ant glasses on. Check out the grin under there.

These classes really are worth the drive (takes about 40 minutes) & the extra little ones. Thankfully Mr. & Mrs. H are very well behaved while we are there. This is during the time Mr. H typically sleeps in the morning too. I'm glad we've had the opportunity to do these classes & I hope we can try again in the spring with some more.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Love the pictures...B is getting good!

  2. Those are some wicked looking insects.


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