Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some Bunnies Love Us

It's funny how life works sometimes. Earlier this spring my FIL surprised us with the chickens. Then we got six more to make an even dozen. Prior to this we'd only had dogs as pets during our married life. Well, that & kids but I guess the children variety of kids really aren't pets.

I had commented recently on here or my school planning blog how B13 was doing research on pets. He's been wanting something small & cuddly. The chickens weren't cutting it. He was trying to convince us on guinea pigs. We told him we didn't have enough room. We were just going to let it sit & figure out something in the fall. We talked about having him work and save some money toward a pet or do some more research or well, delay it like the good parents we are.

That was all well & good until a local friend mentioned they had a couple of rabbits they no longer really had time for. Would we like them? Hutch and all?

Well, we couldn't very well say no to such a generous offer. So look who joined our family just last night....

Snowball - a beautiful angora bunny


Hershey - a beautiful bunny of undetermined origins

There are far more photos of Snowball on here than Hershey. 1) Snowball needs to be brushed every single day to keep her fur from matting. It's a really tough job but B13 has volunteered to keep on top of that for her.

2) Snowball will sit quite contentedly in your lap & even doze off a bit if she gets really comfy. She's such a soft bundle of bunny!

Annie is checking out the new competition.

She seems to BIG for a bunny!

Poor Hershey has to suffer my cuddles. She's a bit more timid but I was able to hold her both last night & this morning for a time. Once you convince her to come to you & pick her up, she settles down nicely.

As I mentioned - they came with a nicely built hutch with all kinds of little doors for access. Here is a photo I took looking down the lengthy of Hershey's run & into her little hutch at the end.

Here's a view from the side. The run closest to me is where we have placed Snowball (is that the right one Kerry??? Does it matter??). The hutch is currently in the main barn area just outside where we are looking for the chickens to start contributing to their keep with some eggs. Soon I hope! We have a tarp underneath it for easy clean-up.

This is just proof that we haven't kept Snowball inside and left poor Hershey all alone.

Thank you once again to Kerry & her family for allowing us to become the proud and happy owners of Snowball and Hershey. They are well loved and lots of fun. The boys are thoroughly enjoying them and are thrilled to have them here! Thanks!


  1. Awwww they are darling! Congrats on your new bunnies.

  2. Awwww! Very cute. Sharon has been begging for a bunny for a year now, but I'm not up to the challenge at this point. LOL Ironically, I always wanted a bunny when I was growing up. I used to head straight for the 4H bunny house at the county fair every year! LOL I tried to talk DH into getting one when we were first married, but we had two dogs at the time and neither one would've accepted a bunny in the family! One of these days . . .

  3. Are you planning to sping the angora fiber??!!

  4. They are so cute! Fun how God worked that out for B13.

  5. Lisa! I love your new bunnies!! We used to have angoras and we love them. Spinning angora is easier when you ply with wool, but so soft! Enjoy!



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