Monday, January 25, 2010

My Daybook

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FOR TODAY... Monday, January 25, 2010

Outside my window...rain and lots of it. When it's this cold and wintertime, I much prefer snow. Shocking I know, but rain turns to ice and lots of it. Driving becomes extremely treacherous as does mere walking. I'm praying the roads are better tomorrow as I have a doc appointment an hour drive away.

I am thinking... how annoying I find insurance. I'm almost positive that a government take-over of the process won't lessen my annoyance. It will most likely make it far worse.

I am thankful for... a warm house. A creative hubby who is always thinking of ways to save us money. This is always good when we live on one income.

I am wearing... I should just copy/paste from last week...fuzzy socks, winter crocs, old & baggy jeans, layering camisole, t-shirt, and my kick-around cardigan I only wear at home.

I am remembering...that it is closing in on one year since I lost my Mom.

I am going... to continue to get better at making those things priority that need to be. It is certainly making the day go by easier.

I am currently reading...just my Prentiss Study (remember, go here to sign up for the next 90 day study starting on Feb. 14th) and my 90-Day Bible. I'm behind in the 90-Day Bible and I'm not starting a new book until I get caught up.

I am hoping...that we sell some items soon in order to pay off some medical debt we were not expecting (middle son's T&A surgery).

On my mind...lack of communication by organizations I belong to. It's an annoying issue for me.

Noticing that...while I had a good start to the day, I became very frustrated by my insurance company and I'm holding on to that. I need to let it go and begin to get back to enjoying my day.

Pondering these words... "Living He loved me, dying He saved me, buried He carried my sins far away, rising He justified freely forever, one day He's coming o glorious day." Glorious Day by Casting Crowns (and if I can get the song right, this is the next one I'll be singing for special music in church).

From the kitchen... working on a menu plan.  I've been buying ahead via coupon deals and right now I can't really think if much I need at the store this week. Wonderful!

Around the house... decluttering still. I have piles of "stuff" everywhere. Slowly working on taming it all.

One of my favorite Singing it right now but I want to get back to playing it.

From my picture journal...

N8 received this as a building kit for Christmas. It was all in pieces and he put it all together by himself today. Obviously he has a mind like his Daddy.


  1. Nice to meet you! Love your Berry Patch!
    Hope that insurance monkey gets off of your back :)

  2. Hi there! I'm just checking in to see how your Bible in 90 Days reading is coming along. If you are still behind, try to set little goals for yourself throughout the day (ie 6 pages by breakfast, 6 by lunch, 10 by bedtime..) HAng in there! I'm so glad you're still in!

  3. I wonder if we'll ever be finished decluttering and reorganizing?


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