Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update: Bible in 90 Days

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I'm a day late checking in this week. I'm also still behind, but not as behind as I had been! On Sunday I was only at about day 16 of the reading. I wasn't giving up but I really needed to focus more on getting caught up. I'm really very determined to complete this challenge on time!!!

I love to read. I read a lot but most are novels. I love a good novel! However, until I am caught up in my 90-Day Bible reading, I am not starting any new novels. And I have some really nice ones I have never read sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit time reading and I am now only about two days behind. Since just a couple days ago I was close to five days behind, I'd say that's a good start on getting caught up. I am currently reading in 1 Kings - midway through Day 24.

I was gone most of the day today but I will be home most of tomorrow so I'll do extra reading then as well. My goal is to be totally caught up by next week's check in.

I'm still very glad I decided to do this challenge. Thanks again to Mom's Tool Box for hosting this challenge and for checking in with me and all the encouragement you are sending my way.

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