Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Daybook

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FOR TODAY...Tuesday, February 23, 2010 

Outside my window...it is dreary and overcast. Snow is finally in the forecast. Although, last week snow was in the forecast and we got nothing on the ground. My only hope is that we do not get any significant snow from Thursday until Saturday. I have big plans brewing.

I am thinking...my days this week are all messed up. I keep thinking today is Monday. Yesterday felt like a Monday but I keep forgetting today is Tuesday. I think I'm just excited about the end of the week.

I am thankful for...friends. Generous and kind friends.

From the learning rooms...some really fun field trips coming up! Okay, I'll give details instead of still alluding to the "big plans." I will be meeting up with "loopie" friends this week. I have belonged to an on-line Yahoo group for homeschoolers since about 2004. One of the ladies who started the group is on the east coast on vacation with her family. She took time out of her schedule to set up a school group trip for a bunch of us from the list to meet at the Boston Museum of Science on Friday (for the school group rate - amazing!). Then the friends I'm staying with will be taking us to the Higgins Armory Museum on Saturday. FUN!!!!!!

From the kitchen...I need to use up some ripe bananas so plans for banana bread will happen soon. I made pumpkin bread and brought it to my hubby's work yesterday. 
I am wearing...guess....winter crocs, fuzzy socks, comfy jeans, layering camisole, and long-sleeved camo T-shirt. I would venture to say this is my winter uniform. ;-)

I am remembering...my mom. It's closing in fast on a year. This time last year she was going through her first (and only) chemo treatment.

I am creating...lists and project lists and more lists. I'm working on getting some things organized.
I am going...to enjoy this crazy, busy week.

I am currently reading...a book for a blog tour, my Prentiss Bible study, my Bible for the 90-Day Bible Challenge, and various magazines.

I am hoping...the snow holds off until after this weekend.

I am hearing...a movie playing on the TV and the boys playing in the living room. 

Around the house...waiting to finish up "together school" with the boys. Need to keep working on that declutter issue.
One of my favorite things...friends.

From my picture journal...

A photo my friend Jen took of the two of us at the Casting Crowns concert on Sunday night (I'm wearing glasses for those who don't know my face). We had a fabulous time. Another HUGE thank you to Robin (my friend & Jen's friend/cousin) for scoring some fantastic tickets for us (front row center!!!!). I also want to give an ENORMOUS thank you to my wonderful hubby. He gave up a weekend with the guys to be our "token male" & "chauffeur" for the concert. He spent the entire afternoon/evening with three ladies and was wonderful. And Jen, he can't stop talking about your amazing peanut shell flinging abilities. And that's all I say here. ;-)

I'll be posting photos from the concert soon!


  1. Have fun at the Museum of Science! It was one of my favorite places to visit when I was a kid.

  2. OOOOOH, Lucky YOU going to see casting Crowns!


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