Monday, February 22, 2010

Review: Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth is a math program created by Maria Miller. Ms. Miller is a homeschooling mom with a master's in mathematics who began writing math books for homeschoolers. Recently she allowed TOS Homeschool Crew Members to sample some of those books. What was really great is that she e-mailed us and allowed us to pick which book would work for us! I had a hard time figuring that out so I simply e-mailed her back and she made some suggestions for me. This was extremely helpful.

What I liked about Math Mammoth is that Ms. Miller offers complete curriculum for grades one through five. The complete curriculum for grade six is due to be out this spring. The books can be purchased either as downloads from Lulu or Kagi as well as CurrClick. If you chose to purchase from Kagi or CurrClick, you will receive eBooks. I was given eBooks to review. The benefit of this, is that you only print those pages you need. You can also use this for all the children in your household making this a very affordable way to go. Books purchased from Lulu are just that - real books. By clicking on the book titles HERE, you can see the different options for purchase as well as the various prices (ranging from $10.25 up to $29.70). 

Math Mammoth also offers placement tests. This is helpful if you have an older children and need to figure out where they would fit in to Math Mammoth program. 

Another great product offered by Math Mammoth are the supplemental materials. This allows for you pick and choose topics that your child might be having difficulty with and work on just that with them. Many of the supplemental materials also cover some of the higher grade mathematics such as linear functions and quadratic functions from the Make It Real Learning  worksheets.

Free samples of Math Mammoth can be viewed by simply subscribing to their newsletter

How it worked with us:

I mainly focused on using this program with my six year old son. J6 has had very little formal math at this point so I wanted to see how easy this program would be to use with one just starting out. 

Math Mammoth does not have a kindergarten book so we tried the Addition 1 book for first grade. I still smile thinking about how much J6 giggled his way through the pages we completed together. He is a very expressive child and he thought these pages were super fun. I thought it was super fun watching him do them! 

Overall I thought this was a solid program and I plan to continue using this with J6.

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*Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. All opinions shared are my own. TOS Crew Members are given the product free of charge in exchange for our unbiased opinion of the product.

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