Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Daybook

FOR TODAY - Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Outside my window...darkness has fallen, but just. I love the longer days this time of year. It makes me happy.

I am thinking...it was a fun day today. Now to get ready for tomorrow!

I am thankful for...wonderful friends.

From the learning rooms...I'm spending time this week getting ready for the upcoming school year. Yesterday was a "teacher workshop" day and today I had "parent-teacher-student" talks with the two older boys to figure out what we want to work on for next year and how to go about it. Then we spent the afternoon playing at the Children's Museum. Tomorrow is our co-op and then Thursday & Friday we'll start back to regular school.

From the kitchen...I desperately need to make banana bread. I made stuffing and pork chops tonight - yum! Not sure what I'll make tomorrow. Most likely homemade pizza - I already had it made and in the freezer. The rest of the week we'll be out and about at supper time so it will be simple meals.

I am wearing...fuzzy socks, winter crocs, jeans, tank top, and a sweater. It's actually rather chilly here today. 

I am creating...Mardi Gras masks for our co-op tomorrow. I need to cut out the templates and glue them to light cardboard and cut again. I'm trying to save some time tomorrow by having them pre-made.

I am going...to start working on my habits. It's time to start making some changes. 

I am reading...my focus right now is to try to finish my 90-Day Bible reading challenge. Our last day is the 31st and I am very much behind. I need to do double readings - at least- daily to catch up. That is my goal though. Still working on my Prentiss study and still enjoying that as well.

I am hoping...we have a good start to our trailer addition. I am very eager to get busy and even more eager for the final project to be finished!

I am hearing...dueling TVs (one in the shop and one behind me). The kids are still up but will be in bed soon. 

Around the house...I need to start sorting books for the used book sale coming up in April. Anyone local want to join us? School stuff is everywhere. Continuing to declutter.

One of my favorite things...bedtime. The kids that is. While I  love my kids, I am always thankful for the quiet time at night after they go to bed. It's when I get the most done. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: homeschool geography co-op tomorrow as well as worship team practice and food shopping. Thursday we have AWANA at night and Friday we have Bible study as well as practice for our Easter cantata.  Saturday I'll be at my sister's all day for our monthly get together. I can't wait. Even though I was just away for a weekend.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

The boys standing in a rather large nose in the body area at the museum today.

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  1. I'm about to start the 90 day bible reading challenge. Going to give other people at my church a chance to join me and trying to pick an appropriate date to start.


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