Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Daybook

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FOR TODAY...Tuesday, May 24, 2010

Outside my window...sunny & bright! It's going to be a very warm day today - almost 90 degrees! It's already 77 degrees inside and 84 degrees outside. I'm not melting yet but I'm sure I will be by tonight.

I am thinking...it's far too warm this early in the year. I can't wait for the "cold front" coming through tomorrow with high's in the 70's. That is my kind of weather!

I am thankful for...computers finally working! I went away for three days this weekend (roughly) with grand plans to finish editing wedding photos from last month (before shooting another one this Saturday!) and photos of my newest nephew. My external hard drive - where all the photo were stored - wouldn't work. At all. So I did other things and stressed about the fact that I couldn't cross this off my to-do list. Last night - it's working. No idea why. But it is. So I'm working on them today.

From the learning rooms...we're still doing our different unit studies and we're liking it. We have 38 more days in order to call school done. I asked the boys today if they wanted to double up and finish earlier. They gave a resounding "no!" Weird kids. So it will be mid-July before we call this year done. We'll take a few weeks off and hopefully start mid-August.

From the kitchen...absolutely nothing. It's too hot! Okay, wait. I forgot. I had taken some chicken and pork steaks out for hubby to eat this weekend. We had a lot of activities going on at our church this weekend so he never had to make dinner. I have the chicken in the crock pot slowly cooking. I'll use it for sandwiches and such the rest of the week. I'll cook up the pork steak too so I don't have to refreeze it.

I am wearing...summer-fare! No shoes/socks (my endo hates this but it's too hot! I will wear crocs outside.), capri's and a T-shirt. 

I am creating...photos! Well, editing them. In fact, I need to finish this post so I can get to it!

I am going...(see a theme...) FINISH editing photos!!! ;-)

I am reading...An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers. A must-read!!! This is at least my third time through this book (and it's companion) and it's still an amazing read. In fact, we're going to be doing a read through this summer at church. I can't wait!

I am hoping...I survive the heat today. I don't do heat well - at all. No AC units in yet either. No AC in my truck either - it's broken. Blah!

I am hearing...fans blowing everywhere trying to create a cool breeze and the TV going (Jungle Junction). That will be off soon.

Around the house...little messes here and there. Nothing big. LOTS of laundry. Four loads today and three so far today. The last one is washing. Two are hanging on the line to dry (that's all that fits) and one is drying in the dryer.

One of my favorite things...lazy days.

A few plans for the rest of the week: writing all the rest of the TOS Crew reviews. The year is ending and I have four left to do. My plan is to finish those this week. Two baseball games (one tonight and one tomorrow). Homeschool co-op tomorrow - we have a firefighter coming in to talk and then the older students who have been studying ecology will come give us presentations on what they've learned (after they take a test). Saturday I'm doing photography for a friend's daughter's wedding. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
I took this using my telephoto lens last night at the closing BBQ for Youth Group (B13 attends). Hubby had no clue I was taking his photo which is why I got the relaxed laughter on his face. Otherwise he would have glared at me or stuck out his tongue or made another face. I really love this photo (and the man!). 


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I so hear you about no shoes and no socks. My feet are usually black at the end of a day because I refuse to wear shoes unless I absolutely have to! Thanks so much for sharing your day!

  2. Thanks for sharing your daybook. I got a kick out reading about the summer wear clothing. We are freezing here still and in for yet another day of some snow tomorrow. I'm NOT complaining though since I HATE the heat, too! I'll take the cold weather and be very happy and content.


  3. My what warm weather you're having! Care to send any our way? Our heater is still on most of the day!

  4. My son said the same thing when I asked if he wanted to double up after we got down to just two subjects.

    I saved Science for the summer, so we begin this in June.


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